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Consideration goes hand in hand with respect. Considering someone is demonstrating the importance that they have in your life and showing that they can work with you. However, this action may be unaccompanied by reciprocity.

To reflect on this feeling and its implications, we made a selection of thoughtful quotes. Check it out and share the one you liked most!

Consideration quotes to reflect on the importance of a reciprocal feeling

Consideration is owed to the living, to the dead only the truth is owed.

True marriage is a particular blend of love, friendship, consideration and sensuality.

Esteem is worth more than celebrity, consideration more than fame, and honor more than glory.

To disregard is to gain consideration.

The day other people’s opinions pay my bills, I’ll think about whether to take them into consideration.

No love, no matter how great it is, can withstand a lack of consideration.

Men only consider your needs, never your abilities.

A little consideration, thinking a little about others, makes all the difference.

One thing I learned is that consideration and respect are not asked for.

Lack of consideration is paid for with lack of consideration.

Everything in life is reciprocal, including consideration.

Help people without expecting anything in return, especially consideration.

Consideration and respect are worth more than money!

Lack of consideration and indifference go hand in hand, taking away the deepest affections.

Do you know what hurts the most? The pride. The lack of consideration. People would rather lose who they love than accept that they are wrong, they would rather lose who they love than swallow their pride.

Those who like it have consideration, respect, affection and care.

One thing I learned is that consideration and respect are not asked for.

I wish my friends had the same consideration for me as I have for them.

My friends are those who have consideration for me.

Value to those who deserve it, affection to those who give it, and consideration to those who have it and nothing more.

Is it too much to ask to be treated with consideration once in a while?!

Respect comes from consideration or fear.

A selfish person is someone who lacks consideration for the selfishness of others.

Some hurts are so intimate that it would be inconsiderate to abandon them.

Blood makes a relative, consideration makes a family.

If someone promises you many things, don’t believe 99%, believe the remaining 1% just for consideration.

No one will be like you dream, don’t expect consideration or for others to do what you would do.

There is always a lack of consideration where you least expect it.

It bothers me, but I won’t call anymore, not everyone deserves consideration!

Losing consideration for someone is much sadder than losing trust, although both are bad things.

Whoever doesn’t pay attention to you doesn’t deserve your love and consideration.

Intimacy breeds lack of consideration, but consideration breeds intimacy. The key to a good, lasting relationship is figuring out how to be considerate of those we become close to.

You don’t teach someone to be considerate. The way someone reciprocates says more about them than it does about you.

Consideration breeds consideration.

Consideration is like consultation, it only takes place when people need it.

My flaw is that I forgive too much and trust those who have no consideration for me.

Consideration is the lack of the century.

You will only realize if someone is being sincere when they don’t take into account what you believe to be correct!

When you truly have consideration for a person, the ability to forgive is imminent. What the other person needs to know and understand is that second chances are like a cliff: One false step and everything will be over.

Consideration is a two-way street, where not everyone follows the same direction.

Before you speak of consideration to me, look back and see my remains that you stepped on. That was my consideration for you.

We admire talent, courage, kindness, great dedication and difficult tests, but we only consider money.

Be careful who you help! Not everyone is grateful.

The lack of consideration for others weighs on the trust of others. Reflect!

Three basic words for all relationships: consideration, sincerity and respect.

Some people have friends for convenience, I prefer to have them for consideration.

Give attention, affection, love and consideration to those who like you, simply for friendship, and not for other interests.

The best gifts are still respect or consideration. But there are few who have or can offer it.

Loyalty and consideration usually end when interest ends.

A little attention with affection and consideration can save the pain of a torn soul and heart.

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