50 thank you messages for a friend that will show the value of this bond

Life is happier when you have a friend. She animates you, encourages you, makes you smile, welcomes you and gives you scolding when you need. Demonstrate your gratitude for everything she does and represents for you. For this, check out gratitude quotes to friend and say how happier she makes her days.

Thanks quotes for friend because she makes her life better

Who has a friend with you, has a treasure to protect. Thank you for being the best.

Life is more fun with your company and your friendship. I’m grateful to have you by my side!

friend, I love you so much. I just want to say that I am grateful for your life and every time it made me smile.

You always know what to say and how to say. He is the most perfect friend that exists. Thank you for everything.

Thank you for being my friend and always being by my side. You are the best companion someone could have.

God wanted to give me an angel and gave me you. I am grateful to him for all that we live together.

You make life be light. Thank you for your friendship.

Friend, for every laugh you provided me, for every advice you gave me and always being by my side, I thank you. You make life lighter and lighter to live.

You were with me every time I needed it. There was no one as present as you, partner for all hours. I would just like to thank you for having your friendship.

Your companionship makes all the difference in my life. You are so special for me. Thank you for your friendship.

Friend, without you, my memories would be less lively and my less funny stories. I love you!

Thank you, friend. You illuminate my life and give me numerous reasons to smile.

The bond we have, will never be undone. Our friendship is forever. Thank you for existing.

Time has shown that everything can change, but our friendship will remain. Thank you for being a constant in my life.

Life is more special because I can share it with you. Friend, God was good with me, because you are an angel. Hard not to love you.

Your place in my heart will always be reserved, friend. You will be in my life forever.

Thank you for staying when the others decided to leave, for showing that there are ties that can be eternal.

I am for you and you for me at all times in our life. I love you and thank you for your friendship.

Our friendship is so beautiful and I am grateful for all the moments we live and the plans we still have.

You are my family, my friend, my sister. I’m grateful for sharing life with you.

In life and death, I know I will have you. In joy and sadness, your friendship will be here. I love you, friend.

I trust you with your eyes closed and I know it’s not in vain. Thank you for being so faithful, friend.

Your affection is so precious and your friendship is so important … You are the sister I chose for me.

my friend, I’m grateful for all the moments we have been together and for everything we will still share.

Have I thanked you for being my friend? Know that you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I love you so much.

Thank you for your friendship and for supporting me and make me smile when no one else can.

I could have nothing better in life than your friendship. I just want to thank you for everything we have already lived together.

From our own way, we love each other, understand each other and know that friendship is forever. I love you and thanks for everything.

Your sincerity and your affection do me so well, it is a little piece of heaven on this earth. I am extremely grateful for your friendship.

When I look at the future, I always see you by my side. Your friendship is a constant that gives me peace. Thank you for everything.

You have always been by my side when I needed you. In life and death, I will always love you.

All difficult times were not impossible because your friendship has supported me. Thank you for everything, friend.

I am very grateful for having found us in life and for choosing to cultivate this beautiful friendship.

I look at everything we live and can only feel gratitude. Your friendship warms my heart!

Fill me with joy to celebrate our friendship and know that nothing will ever change. Friend, thanks for everything. You are amazing.

May we celebrate our friendship for many, many years and always thank you for having each other.

Just as I chose you, you chose me. I love to share life with your friendship. Thank you for everything!

Walking alone is sad. I thank you for rejoicing my life and never letting me feel alone. Your smile is my safe haven, friend.

It is so gratifying to have your friendship and live the most amazing and fun moments by your side. I love you, friend!

God is too good with me. He gave me his friendship and makes me feel his love through her.

There are no secrets between us, just love and friendship. So I am grateful every day.

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling two bodies.

friend is the one with which you can share silence.

Friendship is a reciprocal predisposition that makes two beings equally jealous of each other’s happiness.

Thank you for all your trust, thanks for not giving up, thanks for holding my hand. I always knew where you were.

I’m grateful for the time I spent with my best friend.

Who has a friend, even if in one, no matter where he is, will never suffer from loneliness; You may miss you, but it will not be alone.

And I know my life is better because you are part of it. I know that without you by my side I would be different.

Just call me, brother. When you need a hand. We all need someone to support us. I can have a problem you will understand.

Nothing will separate us. Friendship is everything!

In addition to thanking your friendship, you can demonstrate in actions how important it is to you. Check out support quotes for friend and reaffirm that you will always be here for her.

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