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Culture is the set of beliefs, customs and traditions of a society. It is formed by the history of the people, passed from generation to generation and modified according to historical time. Its beauty lies in its diversity, richness of values ​​and exchange of experiences. Check out the best quotes about culture that address the importance of valuing each person.

quotes about culture to say no to prejudice and respect diversity

Culture is a society’s greatest asset. We must preserve our history.

There has never been a monument of culture that was not also a monument of barbarism.

We must look at the past and understand our history so we can change the future. We need to recover our cultural heritage!

Cultural diversity does not just happen between one country and another. Brazil is rich in multiple cultures. Each state has its own beauty and uniqueness.

The consumer is not sovereign, as the cultural industry would have us believe, he is not its subject, but its object.

Cultural appropriation exists and it is something very serious. Capitalism transforms culture into a market and erases its place of origin.

For a more humanized world, I want to see culture and art everywhere!

Culture, in all forms of art, love and thought, over the centuries, has enabled man to be less enslaved.

If your religion is not the same as mine, please respect me! This is part of my cultural identity, it is what defines me in the world. We can inhabit the same society in harmony.

Cultural identity is in the essence of each person. We must respect and fight for diversity!

Brazil is not just football and carnival. Our culture goes far beyond that!

National cultures, by producing meanings about the nation, meanings with which we can identify, construct identities.

Culture and art is a fundamental right of citizenship. The poor have as much right as the rich to appreciate and understand an opera. However, the State fails in its obligation to offer quality artistic and cultural education.

The history of black people, books don’t tell. No more silencing! It’s time to expose the truth and respect Afro-descendant culture!

Candomblé is culture! Before saying anything, leave your intolerance aside and really try to get to know the experiences of the terreiros.

For art, not being from any party just means being from the dominant party.

Reading opens many doors, through it, we can get to know different cultures and learn about realities different from our own.

For many years, European culture silenced black people. We must respect the place of speech and listen to the story of those who really suffered from prejudice.

Value Brazilian culture! Read national authors and listen to popular music. This is our country and our people!

Not everything that is culture is good. Machismo, for example, is cultural, it is embedded in society and, every day, it kills and oppresses women.

Cassava, cassava or cassava! Each state has its own culture and linguistic variation, but our identity is Brazilian!

Culture is not static, it changes according to each era. This is the time to break with the culture of machismo, racism and homophobia!

Those in the privileged group have great difficulty hearing. For dialogue to be possible, these people need to put themselves in a position to listen. And they don’t want to put themselves in that place.

The northeast shines with art! There are only beautiful people! Put an end to your prejudice and come and enjoy the northeastern culture, a richness of our Brazil!

Cultural diversity is plurality! We must recognize the right of others to be different from us.

Brazilian folklore is a set of traditions, ancestral knowledge and beliefs. It is the history of the people, our popular culture!

In a decadent society, art, if it is true, must also reflect decadence. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must show the world as changeable. And help change it.

A person deprived of access to culture and art is a citizen without citizenship.

The Indians were in Brazil long before the arrival of the Portuguese. They belong to this country, they are part of our history and our culture.

Violence is embedded in culture. However, we must fight for a culture of love.

Art is the reflection and transgression of culture.

Mass culture serves capitalism to keep people alienated. It creates a society of conformists and obedient people.

Rap is poetry, art and culture! It’s social commitment and denunciation!

Our identity is influenced by culture. We are our gender, our race, our beliefs and the environment in which we live.

We are products and producers of culture. We can change the future! We must fight for a culture of equality.

Without culture, the relative freedom it presupposes, society, however perfect it may be, is nothing more than a jungle. This is why all authentic creation is a gift for the future.

Culture interferes and shapes a society. It is present in everything: in religious traditions, in popular festivals and spread throughout the streets.

Depriving someone of their cultural identity is like mutilating a very important part of that person and erasing their existence.

Racism is structural, it is crystallized in culture. Don’t be silent! Don’t accept prejudice! Report!

Fight for equality whenever differences discriminate against us. Fight for difference whenever equality disqualifies us.

A work of art awakens empathy and can transform culture!

What many don’t realize is that Afro-descendant culture has influenced our way of life. It’s in everything!

Culture does not make people. People make culture. If an entire humanity of women is not part of the culture, then we have to change our culture.

Culture is above differences in social condition.

Schools should value Brazilian popular culture more. Teach children the myths and beliefs that have shaped our society.

Capoeira is art and culture! A true act of resistance.

Without culture, art and education, citizenship is just a fallacy!

Prejudice is also the result of alienation. Knowing cultural diversity is a way of learning to think for yourself.

Culture is not about reading a lot, nor knowing a lot; It’s knowing a lot.

Diversity is at the heart of every culture. When we leave prejudice aside, we can learn a lot from the knowledge that comes from other people.

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