50 messages of reflection about time that will make you value life

“Relative duration of things” This is how, with mastery, a dictionary defines the time. He is subjective, sneaky. It can be constant and fickle simultaneously and it is between stations and transformations that it holds the power of past, present, and future. We have selected the most amazing reflection quotes on time to inspire you to make the most of it. Check it out!

Reflection quotes on time for those who are tired of wasting it for nothing

The years run, the months spend beaten, the hours fly, the minutes are lightning and the seconds we don’t even notice anymore.

Do not waste time, for it is from him that life is done.

Neither the future nor the present exist. Nor can it be said that times are three: past, present, and future. Maybe it was better to say that times are: the present of the past; the present present; The gift of the future. And these are in the soul; I don’t see them elsewhere. The present of the past is memory, the present of the present is perception, the present of the future is the expectation.

Time can be the great friend or the great enemy of life. The choice is for those who live!

But you need to choose. Because time runs away. There is no time for everything.

We are young for such a small part of our lives, but we have the impression of remaining young forever. Then we are old for years and years, but at that moment time is flying faster.

If time left you marks, it was because you knew how to enjoy it well.

In the culture of haste, having time is almost prohibited.

Isn’t it a hundred times too short life to bore ourselves?

Time is not something that is purchased or produced. It’s within us, our will.

We spend a whole life working to gain time, but it does not always let us reach it.

You will have time when you choose to have time. Otherwise, an illusory search will live. Choose!

Time is a locomotive that leads us to a certain season where there are no tickets back.

If we get stuck thinking of time, we will never enjoy them.

By such inventive beings and continuous opinions, time, time, time, time, you are one of the most beautiful gods.

Time is something that only enjoys in life.

Time just misses those who do not know how to enjoy it.

Divide your time with people who repay attention to you. Otherwise it will be lost time.

Life is like time. The time not perceived, the time it has never been. The time it is simply. Eternally, it is.

administer time with a dropper. Do not forget the tap of open life, wasting your valuable time.

Life runs after us to steal us what we have less.

Time undoubtedly transforms us. As a tree, we live each season differently.

As long as you are not valued, you will not value your time. Until it gives no value to time, it will do nothing important.

We only understand some mysteries of life, as time goes by.

Time passes and man does not realize.

Why so much hurry? Things need a certain moment to happen the same way that the fruits take time to be born.

It seemed that time never passed. But passed. Time always passes. This is the only certainty we have.

The more you run after time, the more you get away from you!

eternal, it is all that lasts a fraction of the second, but with such intensity, that is petrified, and no strength ever rescues it.

Everything in this world has its time; Each thing has its occasion.

Life is made of time, but it is also made of patience!

We are not the ones who control time, it is he who controls us.

I’m running after the time that has passed… In the time that is going through… I don’t know anymore where I go.

The only certainty we have about time is that he will at some point guide us to the end of life. Otherwise, everything is uncertain, everything transforms, everything passes.

There is no greater power in the world than time: everything subject, everything changes, everything is over.

“Always” exists within the multitude of things that make you be you. Our mind is eternal!

time does not exist. What we call time is the movement of evolution of things, but the time itself does not exist. Or there is unchanging and we translate ourselves.

Time is the same money. We are always wanting the more, but the more one has, the more you spend!

My favorite hobby is to let time, have time, enjoy my time, waste time, live the setback.

Time is subjective. I’ve seen eternal loves last only a blink of an eye.

What to spend our time is probably the most important decision we make.

If you lack time, something is excessive.

Time is not the moving of the clock pointers, but as we perceive, live and feel this interval. The time measured is different from the time lived!

Time brings. Time takes away. Time is missing. Time prevails. The time flies. Time does not pass. Time is in favor or is against. According to the time.

Time does not stop! Only the longing makes things stop in time.

Under any circumstances, choose the time. Without him, life has no chance of triumphing.

So it’s like this, we are present, past and future. Infinite time in one, this is the eternal.

Everything is bought, less the amount of time we will spend in life.

If you don’t have time to do something well done, which makes you think you will have time to redo it?

We may not have all the time in the world, but we have the time we want to have.

Whether it is about time or anything else that is part of existence, we need to meditate in search of a greater understanding. So let’s leave this selection of reflection quotes here that will inspire you even more in this process.

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