50 messages of affection for your sister full of complicity

A sister is the best advisor in the world, the friend who will never leave you. It is always available to hear you, hug you and comfort you. Even if there are fights and disagreements, in the end, your love always prevails. Therefore, we select beautiful quotes of affection for sister who will leave her with a melted heart of tenderness. Check it out and share!

Quotations of affection for sister who will fortify the bonds of union

me and me, you and me, sister friend God gave me.

My little sister of the heart, our union is beautiful and I love you immensely. Wherever you are, I will be with you in thought.

Each day by your side, I’m happier. Having you as a sister is a gift from heaven.

My dear sister, I am so proud of the wonderful woman you have become. I am always cheering for your success. Count on me!

The same soul, the same heart, the same blood, the same life and the same communion. The same soul, the same gap, the same cry, the same smile, the same nights and mornings. This is sisters love.

I had a very happy childhood, because my sister was always by my side. It’s heart when I say we are best friends. I would not exchange our complicity for anything!

My great friend and also the best sister in the world, by her side life is much more beautiful. May our union be eternal!

sister, with you I share my clothes, my shoes, my pains and my joys. Having you in my life is the most beautiful gift the universe gave me. I love you!

For there is no friend as a calm or stormy sister. To animate someone on the tedious way, to seek someone who has extravated, to lift someone who fell, to strengthen while standing.

I never get tired of saying how wonderful you are, dear sister. Every day you inspire me. My affection, my love and my eternal gratitude for being able to count on your friendship.

sister, no matter what our differences, the most important is the love that unites us. At all times, I will be by your side to support you.

sister, thank you for your friendship, who to compare!

You know my heart, you know how to make me smile and have the best hug in the world. Sister, I love you infinitely!

I could lose almost everything in life and I know I could recover, because I have you by my side. But if I lost you, dear sister, my floor would collapse.

having a sister is great, but having a best friend sister is perfect! I am so grateful for sharing my life with you. Never forget that I love you so much!

A sister is your mirror – and your opposite.

You are my safe haven, my favorite hug, the best place in the world. My sister, by your side I find peace and security. I love you!

We are not twin sisters, but with all my heart, I know we are soul mates. Our connection is eternal and our love is unconditional.

Even distant, we are always present. Dear sister, that our friendship wins all the challenges of life. A hug full of longing!

My life makes sense if you have you, family, you will forever be. My life makes sense if you have you, sister forever will be you.

You are the guardian angel that God sent to help me here on earth. I love your care, your hug and your affection. More than anything in life, I love being your sister!

We understand each other only with the look. It is a complicity that words do not explain, but the heart feels. I love you, little sister!

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing you smiling, my sister. It is beautiful to be able to keep up with your growth. Always count on my support and my friendship.

There is no one in the world that knows me better than my sister.

Among us there are no secrets, we are inseparable. We don’t choose to be sisters, but every day I choose to be your best friend.

sisters are special things, care of God for each of us.

My sister is an amazing champion; She is fearless, and I could not be more proud to be by her side.

sister, with you I built the most beautiful memories. All my affection and my infinite love. It is an honor to have you in my life. I love you!

sister, if I fight with you it’s because I love you. I want to see you happy, following your dreams and conquering everything you want. You can always count on my support!

My sister is my little star. I’m excited by her and proud of her.

When we are together, the subject never ends and the fun is guaranteed. My sister, you are the sun that illuminates my life!

When I’m sad, you cheer me up. When I’m happy, you smile with me. Sister, you are the best companion in the world!

Life is full of twists, but I’m sure we will be best friends forever. Our union is soul, blood and heart.

Sometimes you annoy me, but I don’t know how to live without you. I love you with all your defects and qualities. You are a thousand sister!

My first job is older sister and I take it very seriously.

sister, you are my rock. Your words always calm me and give me strength to keep fighting. I wish you all beautiful for you!

sister, you are the voice of my conscience. Thank you for always listening to me and helping me overcome obstacles. Let us be united until after the end!

a thousand times, I would choose you to be my sister. The most beautiful gift God has given me is to be able to count on his complicity and friendship.

On dark nights, you are my guide star. In you, I find shelter and love. All my gratitude for having the best sister in the world.

The most comforting consolation anywhere is in the arms of a sister.

It is a priceless treasure, a liking without distance, in the hours of doubt, of joy, too much to be lost… It is an option of love, it is the discovery of the soul, sister.

My sister, you are a sacred link in my life, a divine gift that is always strengthening me. All my love and affection for you!

friends forever! United by blood and intertwined by love. My sister, you are the best part of me!

You are the best sister in the world! I promise that I will always do my best to repay all the affection you offer me. Always count on me!

That’s why I love you, and in my misery, I beg it to heaven that the hand of God takes you and make you happy, my little sister.

Half of me, my best part, it’s you. I love you, dear sister, from the bottom of my heart.

By your side, every day is special! Sister, you surprise me and fill me with joy. It’s so good to be close to you, your energy that surrounds me and calms me.

The day you were born was the most important of my life, because not only got the best sister in the world but I also met my great and eternal friend.

Even with eyes closed, I trust you. My sister, we continue to always join. By your side, I feel fulfilled.

My sister, if life was an ice cream, you would be the coverage, because with you, everything is more delicious and fun. I love you!

Your sister will love to receive a loving message! Enjoy and check out the photo subtitles with sister and keep expressing your feelings, because this beautiful connection deserves to be celebrated.

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