50 messages from philosophers about love to make you reflect

These quotes of philosophers about love are perfect to translate this feeling with beautiful words. Through these sages, it is possible to deepen and raise great questions about this mix of emotions. With him, it is possible to feel joy, pain, passion, madness and more. Check out what these thinkers have to say and get inspired!

Quotes of philosophers about love that will translate this feeling

Who loves extremely, ceases to live in themselves and lives in what they love.

A word frees us from all the weight and pain of life. This word is “love”.

There is always some madness in love. But there is always something of reason in madness too.

Love is the son of poverty and wealth: poverty, because it constantly asks, and wealth because it constantly occurs.

What is done for love is always beyond good and evil.

The best healing for love is still that eternal remedy: reciprocated love.

There is no person, fearful, who cannot become a hero for love.

In revenge and love, the woman is more cruel than man.

There is always your madness in love; But there is also always your reason in madness.

There is no one, even without culture, that does not become a poet when love takes over it.

The best healing for love is still that eternal remedy: reciprocated love.

Love is essential; That is to say, when we love something, we think not being able to do without it, we cannot admit a life in which we exist and the beloved not; We consider it, in short, as part of ourselves. Or, almost with the same words: my being not only me, but me and the beloved, me and the indispensable.

Love is not defined; Sit.

Love is the feeling of imperfect beings, since the function of love is to lead the human being to perfection.

For love demonstrates its great strength making the fool become wise, and the wise man becomes foolish.

Love makes us adopt noble attitudes to be deserving of the beloved.

We love more what we have achieved with suffering.

Love cannot coexist with fear.

From all my limitations, I know that in love I will never have limits.

Love is something more serious and significant than enthusiasm for the lines of a face and the color of a face; It is decide to be a certain kind of human being who is symbolically announced in the details of the face, voice and gestures. Love is a deep choice.

Love is the only way to capture another human being within his personality. No one can be fully aware of the ultimate essence of another human being without loving him. For your love, the person becomes able to see the characteristic features and essential features of his beloved.

The measure of love is to love without measure.

In life two things are right: love and death.

Renunciation of love seemed as foolish as we dismantle health because we believe in eternity.

Love is the passionate impulse of a soul for wisdom and this is both knowledge and virtue.

There is no one, even without culture, that does not become a poet when love takes over it.

Through your love, the person who loves enables the loved one to perform these potentialities. Awareness of what it can be and what should be, the one who loves makes these potentials come true.

One should fear more a woman’s love than a man’s hatred.

The ideal of love and true generosity is to give you everything, but always feel like this has cost you nothing.

There are no guarantees. From the point of view of fear, no one is strong enough. From the point of view of love, no one is necessary.

Happiness is having something to do, have something to love and something to expect.

loves and does what you want.

Love is a emotion of the soul, caused by the movement of spirits, which incites it to voluntarily unite with the objects that seem convenient to it.

Love is formed of one soul, dwelling in two bodies.

If you have love rooted in you, nothing but love will be your fruits.

A person who is able to love is the one who refuses what is bad.

In the matter of love, not loving is the right way to be loved.

The speech incessantly for hyperboles only adapts well to love.

The most intimate essence of love is donation. God, who is love, is the creature that He Himself created for love

Love is the desire for eternity of the beloved being.

An illusion of love heals with another of the same genre.

Purify your heart before allowing love between him, because even the sweetest honey sour in a dirty container.

There is nothing that is not able to get will, goodness and especially with love.

To love is not to look at each other, it is to look together in the same direction.

Love has all the charms of a mermaid and the transport of a fury.

The more love we have, the easier we do our passage through the world.

In true love, it is the soul that surrounds the body.

Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look that becomes a habit.

Love is the state in which man sees things almost totally as they are not.

of human loves, the least selfish, the purest and most disinterested is the love of friendship.

Even after a long time, these words are still very pertinent to these days. If you admire the words of these sages, also check out these philosopher quotes about life and have several learnings.

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