50 messages from MC’s to be inspired by these great icons

With the explosion of funk in Brazil, MC’s are currently the greatest representatives of this musical style and accumulate more and more followers where they go. In addition to entertaining, their compositions also report the reality of their lives. With that in mind, we have separated for you some inspiring MC’s quotes. Check it out and share with the guys!

MC’s quotes to cheer up the crowd

She feels jealous of me, my presence bothers you.

I invested in happiness, complicity, sincerity, goodness, everything is really.

She smiled at me, that’s all I always wanted. I’m seeing my story will have a happy ending.

I went away through the horizon and found a pot full of diamond.

Life is a ferris wheel, so why scaculum? If today is above, tomorrow is down.

Dreaming, never giving up. Having faith, because it is easy to not even be.

my ex is fine, just not better than me!

For many the world is great, but my mission is bigger than the world!

of romance I run and love I don’t die.

I’m busy being happy far from you!

wise is the one who does, not who speaks!

I’m very good loving, but I’m better avenging myself.

I am independent woman I do not accept oppression, lower your voice, lower your hand.

So it took me, let’s see who can handle it!

I ask Father wisdom to use the gift he gives me!

If I have single I won’t forgive anyone.

The truth is the one who loves does not leave you. No matter the distance, what happens.

The lack of information weakens the mind.

may arrest my body, but never my thinking.

You have to maintain your equilibrium point, even if it is unbalanced. It has to be very strong, not to fall into the temptation of the devil.

This young girl is a terrorist, she’s an expert!

I can’t stop, never letting sadness over again.

Friend Falsiane, we’ll be bound by!

She’s loose from so much that he arrested.

I lift your hands to the sky like my Redeemer, I thank our Lord!

I’m not the phrase made to impress you.

Born to shine, she likes to cause. When it arrives, for everything, it makes a rascal drool.

ei, pay attention, I’m not kidding! Does not mark silly, if I do not give you a creep.

Let me remind you that I am not obliged to anything.

says you hate me, but you can’t live without me.

a thousand passed the ship and you were waiting.

I’ll do my best, whatever mine is coming.

the world was turned and in this you losing.

Because the body is mine, who sends it me.

Get out of me, see if you disappear, forget my name, paid little sister and spoke badly about me.

The right mine is once, seek to give the value. Study the real, what is the price of love?

I got tired of giving you value, I said: Bye and bless, love!

She lives stalking me, makes my movie life. Who was born for the extra will never steal the scene.

These mine is fucking, they are all without limit. Summons your friends because today is for crime.

Today I woke up willing to dominate the world, with claw and willingness to attack.

each one in his own, so I won my due place.

love, I loved it. Like, I liked it. But now I don’t even want to free!

Woman of Power, this is how I am known!

You can cry, cry, baby! You were one more, you can forget me.

A dictionary of poems carry in mind, being vicar with each different style.

and there I go to the world, I proved that I am capable and that I am willing!

He had disposition, he loved adrenaline. And what shone most in him was the good heart.

This is the law of return and no use crying.

In life there may be thousands, but none will be like you.

You’re teaching me even unknowingly.

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