50 messages from brothers to say that you won’t trade him for anyone

Only those who have brother know what it is to live a relationship of love and eternal hatred. He will always love to contradict you, find reasons for you to argue, speak ill of your friends, give you to your parents, but you will not be able to be angry with him… at least not for long.

This is because, even if he takes you seriously, he is also a fun person who understands you and makes no effort to see you happy. And along with all these reasons, the love you feel for it can’t stand that you are far from each other.

The important thing is that in your relationship never lack companionship, confidence and a little provocation to make her more fun. Check out our list of sister quotes for you to share the joy of having this amazing person in your life. He will like to know that it makes you happy!

Quotes from United Brothers

To have a brother is to have someone who faces the world to see you happy and all your life will be you for him and him for you. This union is strengthened with every moment you live together and shows you that you will never be alone. Check out our list with quotations from United Brothers and share with your partner!

We can fight for any reason, but our union is indisputable. I love you, brother!

The union of brothers is like a barrier, an unbreakable wall and at the same time a bridge to eternal love.

Even far away, our bond is stronger than anything, my brother!

united by blood and inseparable by the heart. I love you, my brother!

I want to have you always by my side, because God made us brothers, because I was sure that this union would work very well.

What would me be without this union of brothers who balance me and gives me comfort on the most difficult days?

brother, thanks for the companionship and support, I want to have you always by my side.

How good and pleasant when the brothers live in União.

Loyalty, Love and Respect are the definitions for the connection between United Brothers.

The bond between brothers is a true gift from God.

brothers united by unique love are an example of an unconditional connection.

brother is sacred name, is a connection to life and is the gift of God.

Friendly Brothers Quotes

There is nothing better than having your best friend inside your own home, your brother. Even if you have your differences, fight with each other, dispute for the love of your parents, your friendship will always prevail and will be with him that you will share the best stories. Check out our list with quotes from friends brothers and thank him for always being with you.

brother a lot of people have, but having a brother friend is happiness reserved only for some elected.

brother is the friend God selected for you.

A brother is more than an idol, he is a friend for a lifetime.

Friendship between brothers is pure, true and eternal.

of a crying baby, you have become my best friend. I love you, my brother.

brothers are what best friends cannot be.

A brother is more than a friend, it is half of our hearts.

A brother’s friendship is one of the greatest treasures we can have in life.

brothers are our first real friends and keep the whole life beside us.

To have an older brother is also to have a friend, a second father and an unique adventure companion.

moved you, moved me! My brother, my friend, my companion. I love you!

A real partner is one who is brother and friend at the same time.

Quotations of funny brothers

What is the fun of having a brother and not provoking him all the time? Since he lives complaining to you, we select the best quotes of funny brothers for you to say what he feels for him … I hope he is not expecting love messages. See his reaction and fall on the laugh!

Never tell your brother that you don’t like him … Show him!

put that loves your brother on Facebook, but when fighting says he was found in the trash.

I love my sister -in -law, she took my brother from home.

Happy day: either you give me or I will tell the mother you hit me.

Extra! Extra! Twin tries to commit suicide and kills his brother by mistake.

Boring Brother: Everyone has yours.

Who never caught the mother because of her brother, does not know what is suffering.

Not every animal is in the zoo, my brother, for example, is at home.

My brother always dreamed louder than me, he slept on the top of the bunk!

I did the math here and I will have to sell my brother!

If it’s bad for us, imagine for those who have a twin brother of death.

Is it my impression or is there anything familiar on my twin brother?

brother’s love is like this, defends you from fights, but is the first to give you to your mother.

My brother has the best brother in the world!

Brother’s Love Quotes

Even if you do not usually show your feelings for your brother, you will always have a affection, admiration and immeasurable love for him and be sure that he feels it all for you too. See our list with brother’s love quotes and let him know how important it is in your life.

Love between brothers is stronger than time and any distance.

To have brothers is to build fantastic memories during life and a connection of love and friendship for life.

Love between brothers is eternal, because it always surpasses even the worst fights.

brother is synonymous with love. It is the most loyal relationship that someone can possess in life.

If in half the time I’m fighting with you, it’s just because in the other half I’m loving you more than anything. I love you, brother.

To have the love of a brother in life is knowing that it will never be alone, because what happens this bond will never be broken.

I love my brother not only for dividing the same family, but for the person he is and what he represents for me.

A brother is a part of us, it is a love without measure.

My brother is my map, my safe, my everything and for him I would give my life. I love you, brother!

Brother, never forget that I’m here to take care of you, help you and protect you. I will always love you until the end.

brother is the one who bothers you and annoys you, but you love so much and don’t live without.

I always fight with my brother, but this is our way of saying “I love you.”

The relationship between siblings is very beautiful and sincere and next to it you will learn many things. See our other list with quotes for siblings and show everyone that the best brother in the world is yours!

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