50 messages for an ex-boyfriend that show he is in the past

Knowing how to turn the page at an end of relationship is essential! If this moment is not being easy for you, it is important to remember the reasons that led to this to happen and understand that you can be very happy alone.

We have selected ex-boyfriend quotes for you to send an indirect to yours that is still on your foot and you don’t understand that you will have nothing more. Show that the reality is different and that you will not go back! Check it out.

Ex-boyfriend quotes who express that you don’t want anything with him anymore

You broke my heart, but I pasted all the pieces and today I love me more than someone one day loved me.

One day you will value, but then it will be too late.

You have already lost me, excuses will no longer advance.

Back with ex-boyfriend is like buying a car that was once yours. Comes with the same defects, only more driven.

My ex taught me many things. One of them was never to trust someone again.

Our relationship was striking to me, but today I realize how happy it could have been without you.

Never underestimate my ability to erase your number and pretend I never knew you in my life.

Don’t worry, you will always be sure of my eternal contempt!

I already endured a lot of vacilings of yours, but now it was!

I really want to see you well, preferably, far from me.

You were a priority and I loved having you around. Today I thank God for maintaining the distance.

What happened no longer comes back and, fortunately, this also applies to both of us.

If ex good, God would not have the neighbor love.

Everything happens for a reason. The truth is that I am much better now!

Sometimes sad agreement, but when I remember that we are no longer together everything becomes happiness!

You were intended to be missed and ended up doing a favor!

If not even my ex forgotten me, imagine it.

You broke my heart, but my love has no problem. Now there will be a little piece for each scheme.

I just want to be happy, living from the past no longer interests me.

follows and forget me. It’s not my fault if I already got over you.

I will never find someone like you again. And I thank God every day for that!

Small lies kill great loves.

If you don’t want to, you want to.

Yesterday you were the solution of problems and today is just one more.

One hour we get tired and finally disenchanted.

I want a man, if I wanted a kid, I would come back with my ex.

Do you think it went well? In your line there is one, in mine there is a hundred.

I find it so good when the bee comes back and there is no more honey for her.

I will let you look in all what you will only find in me.

You were the best thing that has disappeared from my life!

I really am not as you wanted… I am much better!

I wish you all the best because the best you have already lost.

did not take care and lost, what a pity, now it is too late to care.

I don’t want you badly, I just don’t want you anymore!

See if you understand that what I felt already passed and that the tear I poured out has already dried.

They said our love is over, but I say it never existed.

The line walked and you went to the end.

told me to be happy, but it bothered when you saw someone else making me smile.

Your lack of affection no longer affects me.

Do you miss me? Back to the past, that’s where I wanted you!

I trusted you. But you broke this confidence with your own acts.

If it wouldn’t be, why did you ask to enter?

Before only than running after those who don’t care.

Ex evil is to think it’s unforgettable.

I can also miss it!

Look what you did, it was my great love, today is just another ex.

You mean a lot to me … Lots of time.

Happy single pays, but when you get home you cry.

Liberation is knowing how to say goodbye to those who are not worthy of staying.

After the charm is not “I love you” that does miracle.

Your happiness is worth much more than any relationship. So don’t allow yourself to be with someone who doesn’t make you happy. See our list of quotations back over and show that you have control of your life!

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