50 messages for a light life to have more calm and tranquility

In the running routine, you can forget what really matters. All that brings peace, tranquility and happiness is what is worth fighting. It is important to learn to leave behind what takes you from seriously. To remind you of what is good for you, check out lighting quotes and feel this calm invade your days.

Light life quotes that attract only what is good for your days

Looking more lightly at life to have more happiness in my days.

Listen to what your soul says, take your life with a little more calm.

It must be light, one take smooth, nothing that obstacles, our short life.

May you feel lightness in your walk because life looks more beautiful when we are calm.

comrade, live the lighter life, don’t let her slip.

Being loose is much better, being light is much better. Celebrate life and only.

Not running against time, just wait for things to happen at the right time, calmly and lightly.

To be lighter in life, you must believe that our concerns can expect the right time to solve.

When the soul is light, everything around me is more at peace. This is how I like to live life.

Release what holds you so that life is lighter and full of joy.

Never cease to believe that the bad stages are over and you will live lighter and less worried.

Life battles are hard, but if we face the challenges with lightness, we can win more easily.

Live lightly and the best side of life will come.

To be light is knowing that at the right time, things are straightened and that we need not despair.

Without despair, just believing that happiness will find me.

calmly, we come far and still appreciate the way by enjoying every little piece of life.

I just want a quiet mind that doesn’t think too much and help me to be lighter.

When we laugh, the soul gets light and everything around us is more beautiful.

Smile more and your days will be lighter. This is the power of this simple action.

The lightness of life is so beautiful. I always want to cultivate it in my heart.

For today: lightness, calm and tranquility. May nothing bad take us our peace.

We learn to live lighter when it begins to value the simplest in our lives.

When I’m light, I have even more strength to fight for what I want and believe.

When it rains inside me, I try to be calm and wait for the sun to shine again.

A light life is a life with quiet conscience.

When we lose fear of what others will say, we become lighter and happier.

Release what you still can’t, remember reasons that have started this journey, get rid of the weights of the past, because we only have today … this is the recipe for you to be lighter. >

I want to be lighter, I want to be calmer, I want to live the best of this life.

Light soul attracts lightness to life!

I want to live the light of life, I want to be happy with little, I just want what is good!

That only what is lightning remains. The rest, that the wind takes away.

When we understand that being light is not fighting with those who are not worth it, we become happier.

We always seek the weight of responsibilities, when what we really want is the lightness of freedom.

An extra dose of lightness and you will have a quieter and faster and happiness life.

Do not let others overwhelm you with the problems of others and prevent you from being light.

Peace is too expensive to be sold for a small thing. Do not negotiate yours.

I want peace, I want calm, I want lightness to my soul.

To be light is to understand that not every battle is worth entering, because it is better to be light than to be right.

maturing and becoming lighter because I’m living only what is worth it.

Happiness is in a light, quiet and peaceful life.

It is friends and family that help us be lighter because they help us carry our weight.

of life, I just want lightness, love, peace, joy and the best companies!

When the wind blows, which it takes away from everything that prevents me from being lighter, happy and calm.

midnight moon, beach and sea breeze, light life, beautiful life.

I wanted to be like others and laugh at life’s misfortunes or pretend to always be well … See the lightness of things with humor.

Be sure to live life and lightness. So we will enjoy much more!

and decided to live life, lightly, without much adventure.

Lightness of Life is in the mix between common sense and good humor.

so simple, this life light, like my soul.

Cultivate Peace in my heart so that life is lighter and I am happier.

May lightness be present in your life and make you happier. See the simple quotes and find the beauty of simplicity!

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