50 messages for a best friend that will strengthen friendship bonds

How sad and lonely life would be if there were no friends! Regardless of time or distance, true companions are always present. Friendship is support, partner and sharing. It is knowing that someone cares and hopes for you. So check out the most attentive quotes for best friend who will help you express the joy of having a partner!

Quotes for best friend who expresses affection and companionship

Friend is shelter for the heart. No matter the circumstances, forever, we will be together.

Friend is something to keep on the left side of the chest.

You are my best friend, a brother that life brought me! By your side, everything is joy.

Walking partner, laughs and difficult times. You are my best friend!

Friendship is a love that never dies.

friend, you can always count on me. Our partnership is a brotherhood that comes from the heart!

No one is happy alone. My friend, you teach me the power of joy. Always together!

It is the friends who make the life more beautiful. And I’m very lucky, because I have the best friend in the world!

Some believe in angels, I believe in friendship.

I’m not a person of many friends, but I know how to recognize the value of a friendship. And you, for sure, are the best friend I could have!

It is in times of difficulties that we know true friends. Thank you for being by my side. You are the best!

By your side, life is a great adventure! Friend, let our walk and partnership be long.

One crazy always recognizes another! Friend, our saint hit. Always count on me!

No matter the distance, I’ll always be here for you. Best friends until after the end!

There are 2 species of boring: the boring properly dictated and friends, which are our boring favorite.

If you fall, I will be by your side to get you up. Friend, I will always be your left arm.

Be careful with me, because I don’t walk alone! By my side, I have you, my best friend.

There are so many stories, so many laughs and so many memories! Having a best friend is a great gift of life.

When God sent me you, He whimsized in the present. You are the best friend a person could have.

With a friend to call mine, I will never be alone.

Friendship is like an amulet that, in difficult times, protects you and brings luck. Thanks for the partnership, my best friend!

Every day they are great to celebrate friendship. My friend, let’s toast this successful partnership!

If your life is in the dark, friend, you can scream me, that I’m running to take you a flashlight.

True friendship we feel, I can be 3 lives without bump that we are friend forever.

Friend, I’m so happy to follow your steps. I am here for whatever you need. Always hoping for your success!

Destiny wanted us to bump into it. Now this friendship is forever. Count on me, my best friend!

The friend: a being that life does not explain, that only goes to see another born and the mirror of my soul multiplies.

rarity is having a true friendship. I thank God very much for sending me your best friend!

When everything seems lost, I will still be here to support you. Friend, anytime and anywhere, you can always count on me.

Ah, my greatest friend, never again, in the burial landscape of this life, I will find such a dear soul.

friend, I put faith in our friendship. This partnership will still be very successful in life!

Friendship is the seed that I rego, the amulet that I carry and feed my belief.

We have a lot of history to tell. Our friendship would give a book. My best friend, with you everything is adventure and joy.

me, you, a bar table and a toast to our friendship. Thanks, friend, for the partnership and companionship!

my friend, let’s sing, let’s cry softly and hear a lot of recordter.

There is nothing in life like having a best friend who stumbles all the rollers. We follow together, partner!

One can not force a friendship. A friend we conquer with truth, partnership and presence. You are the best of all. Thanks!

Friend is a smile from mouth to mouth, a very clean look, a house, even modest, which is offered. A heart ready to throb in our hand!

My friends I choose, they are partners of joy that I like to take.

If you fall, first I will laugh. Then I’ll get you up. Because best friends are like this.

crazy, silly and pirado – this is my best friend! My partner and brother. We are together!

A friend is such a rare jewel, is not found anywhere. It is a treasure guarded in the soul of those who know how to love …

Whenever I need it, I’ll scold you yes! Because you are my best friend and I worry about you.

In the walk of life, having you by my side is making sure that I will be able to arrive further. Thanks, friend!

My friends, when they give me a hand, always leave something else, presence, look, memory, heat.

With you, friend, the enjoyment has no end! The joy is intense and the partnership is strong.

If someone knows me better than myself, this is you. Thank you for always being by my side, friend!

Who has friends, is not alone!

Friend has no day, no time, friend is always now. Friend has no way, makes home inside the chest for life.

If I can’t defend you from a fight, you can be sure I will run with you. Best friends even in the worst moments!

Take care of your best friend and he will always take care of you too. Check out our gratitude quotes for friends who will help you express your gratitude for having such valuable friendships!

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