50 messages about empathy to exercise this quality

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the other’s shoes and think, “What if it was with me?” In a world full of selfishness, when we find people who act like this is a very pleasant surprise. How about doing your part? Check out empathy quotes and exercise this quality that is missing in relationships.

Empathy quotes to learn how to put yourself in place of the other

Before you say anything, put yourself in the place of who will listen.

When people speak, listen completely. Most people never listen.

Empathy is when you respect and welcome the pain of the other. That’s when you are just there for the person, when you embrace suffering or conquest as if it were yours.

empathy is to sprout in a chest that is not yours.

Whenever you want to criticize someone, remember that all the people in this world did not have the advantages you had.

Not even the pain itself weighs as much as the pain we feel with someone, for someone, a pain intensified by the imagination and prolonged by a hundred echoes.

Each being is unique and has its reasons to be as it is. That’s why empathy is so important.

Sometimes, all a person wants is an empathic ear, all they need is to talk. Just offering an attentive ear and a understanding heart for your suffering can be a great comfort.

Empathy is the ability to look at the situation with the other’s eyes.

empathy is about not judging the pain of others.

empathy is to be flexible. It is knowing how to listen and sometimes listen much before you speak.

Each person is a complete universe of complex pain, joys and feelings. Choose to have empathy for each process.

Always be kind. We don’t know what the other is going through.

Sincerity without empathy is just cruelty.

instead of rebuking, how about trying to understand?

Empathy is the ability to think and feel the lives of others as ours.

Touching the sacred soil of the other requires responsibility. Think well before you talk.

We must learn to consider people less in light than they do or fail to do, and more in light than they suffer.

If pain is not yours, don’t call drama.

Learn to be a bandage for a wounded heart.

empathy is a beautiful word. It means feeling the happiness and pain of the other, feeling in its own flesh, in its own being.

Empathy: The art of putting yourself in the other’s shoes.

Each person is fighting a battle you know nothing. Be lovely.

Empathy is the encounter of emotions forming a link of understanding.

empathy will still change the world.

Love can even be seen with the heart. But, sorry, Shakespeare, I think he can be seen with his eyes too. Not when we just look at ours. When we can look at each other.

Empathy is when you leave selfishness, blur your belly button and feel what your neighbor is feeling.

empathy is to feel with the heart of the other.

As impossible to feel exactly what the other feels, it is possible to make the attempt to understand.

Let us be different and know how to live with the differences, but we have empathy as a point in common.

Empathy is to understand feelings and perspectives and use this understanding to create actions.

Empathy is understanding that each one sees life and reacts in a different way. And that you can’t judge anyone for it.

In a dark and individualistic world, empathy becomes the illumination of souls, hearts and minds of the survivors of this regime of pain and bitterness.

It costs nothing to put yourself in the other’s shoes.

is not indifferent to people’s suffering. Recognize the importance of each being in your life.

An empathic heart is the best thing someone can have.

The greatest expression of empathy is to be understanding with someone we don’t like.

empathy is to see with the eyes of the other, listen with the ears of the other and feel with the heart of the other.

The opposite of anger is not calm. It’s empathy.

Those who judge people have no time to love them.

empathy grows as we learn.

We have two ears and a mouth so that we can hear twice as much as we say.

You overflow light when you decide to illuminate paths.

The greatest gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy, we can all feel a mysterious connection with each other.

The hardest address in the world: the place of the other.

A gentle word can change the whole day of someone.

I wish you a huge pot of empathy, so you can use it whenever you need it.

empathy is to overthrow the wall between you and other people. Is to open horizons so that they can walk together.

Empathy is the invisible bond that unites us.

When we practice empathy we understand and accept that each flower has its time to flourish.

The power of empathy is transformative, dare to try it. And if you liked this selection, also check out quotes kindly to continue spreading the good out there.

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