50 long-distance dating quotes to ease your longing for your love | messages, wishes and quotes

When we love, we want to be close every second of the day. However, this is not always possible and we need to adapt to this type of relationship. If you need to deal with missing your loved one, we have selected long-distance dating quotes to declare yourself and lessen the pain of not having a kiss every day. Check it out!

Long distance dating quotes to dream about reunion

It’s not easy not seeing you, but our love is greater than any distance and that comforts my heart.

When we’re together, I give you a million little kisses so you don’t miss my affection when we’re apart.

I don’t exist far from you and loneliness is my worst punishment. I count the time so I can see you, but the clock is bothering me.

I will love you from afar, from a peaceful distance where love is longing and desire is constancy.

We learn to live with longing screaming in our chests, but we never stop dreaming of the day we can see each other every day.

What’s missing in you is me. Your smile needs mine. I know you’re missing me, come get your half soon.

When love is real, there is nothing, not even distance, that can shake it!

Although the time and distance that separate us is cruel, they are what make my love for you increase!

The days go by faster, but when the night comes, I miss you so much and it seems like the hours freeze.

I just wanted to hug you. A very strong, very real hug, a long hug full of feelings.

Love, I’m counting down the hours until I can see you again. I save a thousand hugs and kisses just to give you.

Distance is not a problem for us, our love is greater than any mileage!

There is no distance that can take my heart away from yours.

May each year without you bring me ten more years by your side.

I dream of the day when I can sleep and wake up next to you.

Distance only makes us enjoy it even more when we are together.

Wherever you go, take your time, I will always be here waiting for you and giving you all my love.

What makes me happy is knowing that you think of me first thing in the morning when I open my cell phone and see a message from you.

Whoever invented distance never suffered the pain of longing.

As I carry you inside my heart, you are always with me despite the distance.

You from there and me from here, looking at the same sky. What a cruel distance!

It doesn’t matter the distance that separates us, if there is a sky that unites us.

When you leave, you take a piece of my heart with you to understand that I will always be by your side.

The longing is great, but my love is even greater. I’m here waiting for you to come back to show you all my love!

It’s just that I miss you, every single day.

I wake up every day thinking about you, just as I go to sleep imagining my life with you.

All I wanted was to be able to feel your hug every day.

It’s the memories of the moments we spent together that help me overcome the distance!

Distance is just one of the thousands of words that exist in the dictionary, I only need 3 to make you happy: I love you!

It’s early morning, four o’clock in the morning and I’m here sleepless, thinking about you again, wanting to have you here.

My heart will always be connected to yours, no matter the distance.

On difficult days, I miss you even more!

Our love is true and distance will not be the end of us, but a beautiful new beginning.

You are the right person, at the wrong distance.

Promise me that one day we will put an end to this distance that separates us?

Even if I don’t see you, I can feel when you think of me. It’s like not seeing the sun, but being sure it’s there, turning night into day, sadness into joy.

A great love the wind does not take away, distance does not separate and evil does not destroy.

I wish I could give you a kiss every morning, but since we’re far away, I save them to give you all at once when you arrive.

If I could have one wish, my only wish would be to be able to have you every day of my life.

I close my eyes and imagine your smile so that the longing goes away from my heart.

I never thought I would want a hug as much as I want yours.

For my happiness to be complete, the distance between the two of us had to end.

Maintaining our long-distance relationship with so much love and care is the greatest proof that we will work out.

I thought a lot about the distance that separates us, but I remembered everything that unites us and I know that we will work out.

Saudade is what remains every time you go. Counting the days until I meet you again, my love!

I don’t want this business of you away from me anymore.

You are so perfect that you can even make me the happiest person in the world!

To love someone so much who is so far away is to live in constant longing.

Our only problem is the longing that insists on taking up all the space in my heart.

When I miss you, know that I’m thinking about you and missing you so much.

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