50 funny fitness messages to encourage you with lots of humor

Being fitness is trying to live a healthier lifestyle. It is eating well, exercising and keeping the pace thinking about the welfare of your body. But it is not easy to diet and always train. So we have selected the best funny fitness quotes that will encourage you to live this lifestyle with a lot of humor. Check it out!

Funny fitness quotes to laugh as it fights to be healthy

Being fitness is difficult because you need to remember your body that this is good for him when he complains to you.

Put the laziness to run!

Se Fork Survey counts as exercise, I can be considered fitness.

My dream is that healthy food gives as much pleasure as eating chocolate.

That all hot food is suddenly in front of me so I don’t feel like it, amen!

I believe every human being has a finite amount of heartbeat. I do not intend to waste my exercises.

May the laziness not stop me from getting hot as it prevents me from going to the gym.

I work out to be able to eat, I’m just half fitness because I don’t want to eat healthy.

A little salad to compensate for the chocolates that how and no one sees.

15 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes sitting to recover the breath that left.

When you hit the desire to train, go soon, because it goes by faster than you might think.

Can you watch the series of squats and get spinned without taking the ass out of the couch?

Being fitness requires a great effort and I don’t have all this disposition.

It seems that I am trying and failing daily being fitness.

We like fast result, as being fitness takes time to work, I risk giving up soon.

I love going to the gym, especially when I can train and I am proud of myself.

That all envy becomes muscle mass…

Eating a dish that only has meat and salad is the biggest challenge of my life.

Training is even easy compared to diet.

I am looking for a nutritionist who tells me that being fitness is eating lasagna because only then will I be able to follow in this life.

When fruit tastes like chocolate, then I can be fitness.

Training is easy, it is difficult to walk after a leg workout.

Fitness life brings long -term benefits, but requires a lot of short -term strength. I don’t know if I’m willing.

Lifting weight is easy, it is difficult to be without chocolate after lunch.

Who said that you can replace a candy with fruit, has died inside.

Why go to the gym to feel pain if I can be ignored by Crush?

The only pain that brings results is that of exercise, the rest only serves to make you muggle.

Does I once get all the money I paid for at the gym and I was never training?

When I remember being fitness is diet, I cry and then like my salad plate because I want to be a great hot.

trying to find out how to be fitness and healthy eating chocolate and without having to train.

If you are not fitness, do not come to pitaco in my diet that is a delight.

The biggest challenge of fitness life is to prove to the people you really like to eat salad.

I work with motivation on Monday, on Friday I work out with the strength of hatred.

It’s always cool to go to the gym than to go home because I’m destroyed.

After a day of training, I stay 5 complaining of pain. I haven’t seen the purpose of all this yet.

I will be fitness, even if I need to try 163532627 times.

My goal is to be fitness, but real fitness that people will look at me and say: wow as you are fitness.

The problem of the gym being on the bar side is because always weeds training to have beer.

I even have training, but the diet I don’t even start to be not to frustrate.

training is paid because I don’t like to waste money by paying the gym and not going to train.

Malandra is the cow that is already born Malhada not to do gym.

Be careful! Crouching regularly can leave you … defined.

My diet contains iron, iron to lift weight!

I should have my leg full of muscle because I am always carrying the weight of being Brazilian.

My head says “go to the gym.” My body says “go to bed”. My stomach says “go to the fridge.” I don’t know what to do!

Staying to lie as an exercise? Because I do it very well.

Today’s forecast: partially sweaty body with 100% training chance.

Eat less sugar because you are already sweet enough!

If it is to suffer from the gym, there the pain brings results.

Why training if I’m hot of birth?

May good humor make life fitness lighter. And to continue training, check out our gym quotes and do your best!

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