50 distance messages to ease the longing of those who are far away

The distance can physically separate two lovers, two friends and even familiar, but it does not mean that hearts and souls will not remain connected. It is not easy to deal with this separation, the longing tightens, suffering comes, but we always give a way to keep in touch and keep seeing the person even less frequently.

The technology has greatly facilitated this cycle of missing someone, but to continue having it in some way. However, sometimes we just want to extravate what is in our chest. Therefore, we select quotes away to help you put out all this feeling of wanting to have the person around. Check it out:

Quotes distance between two people who wanted to be close

It is very common and painful to have two people who want to be together, but are forced to live with the distance. Check out, in this category, quotes between two people who need to learn to deal with this situation.

distance means nothing when someone means everything.

The greatness of a person is not measured by the space he occupies in our hearts, but the emptiness he leaves when he is distant.

I wanted you to be here, or I was there, or that we were together anywhere!

You are so far, but I feel very close.

As far as the distance can separate two looks, it will never separate two hearts.

Even so far, you are still close. It is so beautiful and painful the way the heart disguises distance.

less distance and more you, please.

The distance is the least when the person is too much!

There were so many games, so many conversations, so many laughs and look now, we don’t even talk anymore.

The distance will always be long for those who do not want to arrive.

Distance and Time Quotes because it heals everything

Time heals everything, be it a love that is gone, be the pain of the longing for someone who is far away. And when we are not close to who we want, it can go much slower. See distance and time quotes to understand how it works.

I miss you every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

I am not far from you and loneliness is my worst punishment. I tell the time so I can see you, but the watch is bad with me.

Fill in the minute you find it impossible for forgive for 60 seconds of distancing.

It’s been a long time that my name is distance and my surname is longing.

To suppress the distance is to increase the duration of time. From now on, we will no longer live; We will live just faster.

Although the time and distance that separates us is cruel, they are the ones who make my love for you to increase!

distance is an absolute time of longing.

If it is true it will happen, regardless of time and distance.

Distance makes us miss we who love, but time and courage make us move on in our lives.

Pass the time you pass, I will never forget you. You are my sweetest memory!

Distance Love Quotes that can work very well

Love in distance can be very discredited by other people. But only you and your partner know what it’s like to live like this. It can work very well, just both are compromised. Show your love how much you miss you!

If my wish could become real, you would be here with me now.

It’s hard to say goodbye when you want to stay. It’s hard to smile when you want to cry. Even more difficult is having to forget, when you want to love …

I just wanted to hug you. A very strong, very true hug, long hug, full of feeling.

No matter how distance separates us if there is a sky that unites us.

When it is real love, we even make the distance become an insignificant detail.

Who I love is not always with me, but it is always in my heart.

distant yes; disconnected never!

It’s so good to wake up, take your phone and already have your message.

If it is true, it will happen, regardless of time and distance.

Love notices the distance.

Distance and longing citations because one comes with the other

The longing comes stronger when the distance tightens. See missing quotes and distance and let this feeling come out of your chest, you can be sure that it will do you good.

Despite the space that separates us, you have made home in my chest, so we are never far away.

I hope you miss me, as much as I miss yours.

If the distance spoke, only she could say how much you hurt a longing.

Who likes distances is because they do not know the word longing.

I miss your kiss, your hug, your smile, your voice, your smell, longing for you.

Know that, wherever I am, I miss you.

There is no time or distance that makes me forget.

May your hug remain in me when you are far away and everything is missing.

longing is one of the most urgent feelings that exist.

If by the force of the distance you are absent, by the force that is in longing you will return.

Quotations from friendship to friends who live far away

The paths separate and, throughout life, each one goes to one side. But that does not mean that friendship will end, often, it only comes to strengthen. See distance and friendship quotes and remember your friends who went away.

No matter the distance, we will always be together.

It doesn’t matter if you’re close or far, what I feel won’t change.

distance teaches us to value.

Right people live in wrong places.

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

long friendships continue to grow, even long distances.

Everything is worth it to meet you again.

The distance is like the winds: it erases the candles and lights the big bonfires.

The distance between friendship and love can be the distance of a kiss.

True friendship is one that time does not erase and distance cannot separate.

longing hurts right? But it is a feeling that is part of our life. How about giving our selection of missing quotes to continue to manifest what you are feeling?

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