46 messages from Fernando Pessoa to help you see things through his eyes

Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa was born in Lisbon, on June 13, 1888. better known only as Fernando Pessoa, the writer was an important poet of the Portuguese language.

His poems were focused on the traditional Portuguese themes, as well as expressing reflections on the author’s deep “self”. Therefore, your works are full of thoughts about life.

We have selected a list of the best quotes from Fernando Pessoa, divided into categories, so you can reflect and share with anyone you want. Check it out:


Fernando Pessoa’s works have a strong presence of the longing lyric self, thoughtful with life and its concerns. See some reflective quotes on the theme:

I have all the dreams of the world in me.

Everything is worthwhile if the soul is not small.

Sometimes, I hear the wind pass; And just hearing the wind pass, it is worth born.

Living is not necessary; What is needed is to create.

Living itself is to die, because we do not have one more day in our lives that we do not have, in it, one day less in it.

Some have a big dream in life and this dream is missing. Others do not have any dreams in life, and they are missing to this one too.

Always live in the present. The future, I don’t know him. The past, I don’t have it.

All that goes on in where we live is in us who is going on. All that ceases in what we see is in us that ceases.

To live is to be another. Nor is it possible if today feels like yesterday you felt: to feel today the same as yesterday is not to feel – is to remember today what you felt yesterday, to be today the living corpse of what yesterday was the lost life.

blessed those who do not trust life to anyone.

Dying is just not being seen. Dying is the curve of the road.

Life is a ball that someone has tangled.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Life impairs the expression of life. If I lived a great love, I could never tell him.

Life is what we do from it. The trips are travelers. What we see is not what we see, but what we are.

Life is for us what we conceive of it.

An intimate friend is one of my ideals, one of my daily dreams, although I am sure I will never have a true close friend.

I love everything it was. Everything that is no longer. Just because it was, and flew. And today is another day.

If I have to dream, why not dream of my own dreams?

Nothing stays. Nothing is at all.

Quotes from Fernando Pessoa about Happiness

As well as the reflection on life, the author also thinks about happiness – or lack of it – on our journey. Check out some quotes from the writer about happiness:

Why, to be happy, you need not know it?

The amazing reality of things is my everyday discovery. Every thing is what it is. And it’s hard to explain to someone how much it makes me happy, and how much it is enough for me. Just exist to be complete.

All poetry reflects what the soul does not have. Therefore, the song of the sad people is cheerful and the song of the joyful peoples is sad.

Because I feel another, I’m happy.

After all, if good things go, it is so that better things can come. Forget the past, detachment is the secret!

Happiness is out of happiness.

surrounds you with roses, loves, drinks and shuts up. The more is nothing.

And my soul rejoices with your smile, a large and human smile, like the applause of a crowd.

Happy who does not require life more than it spontaneously gives her, guiding the instinct of cats, who seek the sun when there is sun.

I annoy the happiness of all these men who do not know they are unhappy.


What is the most important thing for the lyrical self if not love? Several writings of Fernando Pessoa bring the theme. See some of your quotes about love:

I don’t know but to love you, I was born to want you …

I love as love loves. I know no reason to love but to love. May you want to tell you, besides what I love you, if what I mean is what I love you?

To love is tiring to be alone: ​​it is a cowardice therefore, and a betrayal of ourselves (it is sovereignly that we do not love).

It’s easy to kiss your face, it is hard to get to the heart.

To feel is being distracted.

Love is a sleep that comes to the little being.

We never love anyone. We love, only, the idea we make someone.

Because those who love never know what they love, do not know because you love, do not know what it is to love …

When I saw you I loved you long before, I found you again when I met you. I was born for you before there was the world …

Love is essential.

Why do I freeze my own thinking about dreaming to love?

good is life, but better is wine. Love is good, but it is better sleep.

knows someone borders to your soul so that you can say – I am me?

Now that I feel love, I am interested in what smells. Never first interested me that a flower smelled. Now I feel the perfume of flowers as if I saw something new.

Love is a company. I can no longer just walk the ways, because I can no longer walk.

How much I loved or stopped loving, it’s the same longing for me.

Now that you know a little about the famous writer Fernando Pessoa and how he saw life, surely you will also like these short reflection quotes for you to think of everything you have lived. Come check it out!

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