45 mirror messages to reflect the good in you

Talking about mirror can be a metaphor for what you have reflected in life. It is also to relate about what your soul says about you. Have you ever wondered what you let people see? For this, check out the best mirror quotes and seek to be a reflection of good, love and peace!

Mirror quotes that make us think about our reflection

I didn’t give this change, so simple, so right, so easy: – In what mirror was my face lost?

You are a mirror that reflects your struggles, your achievements, your pains and joys.

The soul mirror is the look that shows who you are without disguise.

The mirror reflected the boy’s eyes and, in silence, his image became fear.

In life, mirror and reflect your dreams, your wills, joys and your courage.

I looked in the mirror and realized that my image reflected who I was, but in a way that did not seem to be who I really want to become.

When I look in the mirror, what disgust, I see my face completely changed.

On the surface of the mirror, you see yourself, but it is in your depth that you know yourself.

Sometimes the mirror lies, but it starts by lying to ourselves. No makeup can hide a fragmented soul.

The heart of the wise, like the mirror, must reflect, without yet tarnishing.

Let the mirror reflect and show the whole world how beautiful you are on the inside and outside.

When your life is reflected in a mirror, you will be proud or embarrassed what you have lived?

The world is like a mirror that returns to each person the reflection of their own thoughts.

The past is the mirror of our history, but it is not the one who determines who we are in the present.

That the reflection of the soul mirror always shows us the way to happiness.

Make the mirror of life love and it will turn your view of the place you are.

When I saw my soul reflected in the mirror, I was sure I was on the right track because there was inner harmony, I liked what I saw.

Life is a mirror: what we do returns; If we dare to smile at her, she will be back for sure.

You are the mirror of my happiness, because every time I see you, I smile.

I want to be a mirror that reflects good, love and happiness.

The mirror is not your enemy. It shows how beautiful you are and you just need to start striving to see it.

Life is the mirror that gives us back everything we launch to it. After all, what have you reflected?

You can’t smile and the mirror of life give you back pain. He will return you smiles because this is what you are showing him.

Don’t be afraid to open in front of the mirror. The more sincere we are, the happier we become.

Look in the mirror with love and feel proud of the amazing person you have become.

The mirror reflects the truth about you and make sure it is impressive.

The mirror shows that time goes by, but does not show whether or not we are enjoying life.

Your actions are mirror of what you are real and cannot hide anything about you.

The mirror reflects what you are and who you want so much to hide.

In the mirror of life, I see only good and love because that’s what I chose for me.

The soul mirror is the truth about you and reveals yourself even when you try to hide.

Try to see beyond the mirror and you will see what people really are.

Look in the mirror and realize how beautiful you: each brand of yours is the reflection of something wonderful you have ever lived.

The mirror reveals your age, your tiredness and your marks, but it also shows how happy you are for living your life.

The mirror is part of life and reflects how beautiful you are when it is natural.

Each one sees what he wants in the mirror, but the soul never hides the truth.

Be honest with the mirror and reflect on him only what you know can do you good.

When looking in the mirror, let him reflect his light because the world deserves to be touched by her.

The soul mirror is our face that shows what we already live in its marks and expressions.

The mirror is here to remind you that you are still beautiful even on difficult days.

I see you in the mirror in dawn, I smell it and the perfume reminds me of you.

I woke up and looked in the mirror, still in time to see my dream become a nightmare.

May the mirror reflect my face in a sweet smile that I remember giving in childhood.

Put a dress and a red lipstick and try to look in the mirror.

The best mirror is an old friend.

May you be true with you when you are in front of the mirror. To reflect your essence with conviction, check out quotes about soul and get to know each other even more!

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