45 messages about missing your mother that will warm your heart

The years pass and with them, mothers get older. In this walk, sometimes the distance takes over and the longing finally appears. Amid this, their departure is also a sad possibility. So, enjoy these delicate missing quotes from the mother who will comfort your heart when you miss your hugs, smiles and sincere words.


I feel an endless longing for your hug and the healing that only he had. I will love you forever, Mother!

Mother, I would give everything to feel your hug full of affection again.

The emptiness you left in my chest will never be filled. Miss, Mom.

The distance and circumstances prevent us from presence, but affection and love will never cease to exist. A hug full of longing!

The years pass and I never forget your affection, support and unconditional love, mother. You missed you!

My mother taught me everything but live without her. I miss you so much!

Even longing taking up a lot of space, it will never erase all the love I feel for you.

Mom, I miss your warm lap and your protective hug. I will never forget you!

The distance separates me from you, but not from your heart. Mother, I’m missing you!

I grew up, I moved from town, today I’m distant, but our hearts are always together. I miss you every day!

Nothing is able to calm the sadness I miss with the lack you make me, Mother.

Mother, your love will always be kept in my heart and guide all my steps.

Mother, you are the best gift the sky could receive. Rest in peace, but I miss you!

Mother, an ocean separates us, but we are united by love. You miss my daily life!

Mother, without you everything is gray, painful and missing. How do I miss you!

There are things in this life that only the mother’s lap realizes to heal. But what about the mother’s longing, how do we deal?

Now that I’m far away, I miss everything, even our daily fights. I love you so much!

Mother, as I can’t hug you today, receive this rose with all my affection and longing.

My mother, also known as my greatest longing. I hope soon to find you!

I will never forget the times your hands held mine. You are my fortress! Come back soon.

If there is something that makes me very happy is to find you and feel your hug, Mother.

No matter how much I grow up, I will always miss your lap when you are away.

The greatest longing we will feel in life is the longing for our mother.

How do you hurt to stay away from my best friend. I love you and I can’t wait to meet you again!

You left, but I hope patiently for the day we can meet again … Here you miss it.

Hello, Mother? I’m fine, but I miss you!

longing, mother! Of your hug, your smile, your presence.

There are days when only your hug could comfort me. How do I miss you!

Mom, you left and left with me your heart and a huge longing …

The more time passes, the more you do. I miss eternal, my dear mother!

If I close my eyes now, I can see your face and look full of affection. What a miss you do!

mothers never die. They have tinned, clouds their hair and turn from sunset.

I hope you are proud of wherever you are looking at me. I miss you a lot, mother!

When a mother goes, the child will always miss the lack she does.

Mother, know that you are my greatest longing …

It’s part of the life cycle to change away from the mother, but I will never get used to it.

I miss you immensely every day. But the lessons you taught me show daily how to follow firm and strong.

There is nothing that can fill the void you left when you left. Today, I miss you a lot!

longing is great, but the love you left in my heart gives me the strength to follow. I will love you forever, Mother!

The longing tightens, but the certainty of reunion is what makes me move on. I miss you daily!

mothers are for their children the roots, the foundation, which holds. Even the longest distance will never separate us!

Not even the distance is able to separate us! At most, it feeds a longing that will soon be healed.

Dealing with this emptiness has been the hardest part of my last days … I hope you are well, because I miss you.

Having you back would be the only way to end this longing that consumes me night and day …

Your absence just no longer hurts because I keep you in my heart.

Mother of mother does not heal, just comforted. If you still have your very close and present in your life, see quotes from child to mother and show how much you love her unconditionally.

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