45 evangelical family messages that strengthen bonds in God’s love

everyday life is full of obstacles and challenges, but when we have people to be able to trust everything improves. The family and God are shelters for all difficulties as well as victories, they are the formation of all the basis! To value love and bless those who live in union check out evangelical family quotes!

Evangelical family quotes that are blessed

May all the power of God be shed over my family!

The two primordial things in my life are: God and my family!

It is possible to see God’s love in my house. He is in every gesture of my family.

God is a source of blessings for my family.

my family and I serve the Lord!

God guides my family with love, faith and blessings.

A family that prays together always remains united in the love of God.

Family is God’s shelter, where joy and love live.

You have to raise children in the way of the Lord and teach them about the power of God’s love.

God never gives up on us and much less gives up on a family.

I thank the Lord every day for the wonderful family he gave me!

You must be patient with the time of God’s things. He always proposes the best for all families.

It is beautiful to see the ways that each has taken. God is the one who guides my family.

When a family doubles its knee the miracle happens!

Union and love abound in my house. May God always continue to bless my family.

Thank you every day for the beloved and united family that God has given me!

In no storm my family has broken down, for in the eyes of God we are blessed.

I value and protect my family every day. May the Lord continue to bless us more and more.

Strong families are built on the rock of God’s love.

There is no barrier that is not overthrown with a united and consecrated family!

A home is made of love and principles, that all my family follow firmly on the walk with the Lord!

It is at home that we learn about respect, companionship, love of neighbor and how to overcome difficulties. No doubt God is very generous with me!

The fundamental love of the family that God gave me is my fuel every day.

A family that loves God is always blessed.

If you do not build the house, those who build it work in vain.

God knows that the last thing I would give up would be: my family!

Honor Your Father and Your Mother to prolong your days on the earth that the Lord your God gives you.

My family is the best gift of God!

Thank you every day for the powerful family that I am part!

God is present in my family and bless us every day with happiness and love.

Make my home, Lord, a place of harmony. Make my heart your house every day.

Love, faith in God and prayer are essential for a happy family.

God taught me that the family is the greatest good of all things.

I am completely happy to be a reflection of a family that serves God.

A home must always be built in the love of God.

The family that serves the Lord grows together in the faith and love of God.

I close my eyes and turn to heaven to thank all the blessings my family receives!

I don’t say it’s lucky to have such a wonderful family, it’s God!

Holy Spirit, take my house. Holy Spirit, takes my family. Holy Spirit, take my children. Come on me

The food of my home comes from the presence of the Lord!

May the Lord bless all families!

Grow and learn together to be stronger!

I cry, I get. God never gave up on my family!

Where has love, there is God and have family!

In my house we follow the Word of God.

Family is our home, our greatest good and with God everything is possible! Do not hesitate with difficulties and continue to strengthen family walk with many blessings, enjoy and check out quotes of evangelical love.

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