45 Christmas messages for sons that will bless the life of your eternal boy

Christmas is time to show love and cultivate relationships. This date becomes even more special when a beloved child participates in the celebrations. Sometimes the distance makes physical presence impossible, but you can be presence! Check out the Christmas quotes for Son and delight your eternal boy. Be close or far, but always be in the heart.

Christmas quotes for child who will bless the life of your eternal boy

For the most special son in the world, I wish the most enchanted Christmas. May God bless your life!

Son, even far, I want you to know that your family will always be present in your life. These are dates as soon as we remember how much we love our home. A Merry Christmas full of affection and longing.

I asked the baby Jesus to go through your home and fill you with happiness, hope, peace and health. How we would like it to be close to unwrapping a hug as a gift. Merry Christmas, my son!

This year, we will not spend Christmas together, but you are always in my thoughts, son. May the Christmas spirit be in your heart.

My son, who never lacks generosity, happiness and humility in your life. Where we go, we always carry the memory that your life is a gift to us. Merry Christmas!

I never get tired of thanking you to be such an amazing son. May your Christmas be full of blessings, happiness and harmony. I love you.

The magic time of the year has come! May Christmas energy shine in your heart and fill you with tenderness. Merry Christmas, Son!

Christmas is a time of thanks and I thank you for being an ever -present child and remember that love exists. May our family remain united!

I wish your Christmas to be as bright as your smile. Enjoy, my son, you deserve to be happy!

that grace, goodness, and divine love are infinite in your life. Merry Christmas, my son!

No matter the distance, the Christmas spirit crosses borders and brings hearts closer. Merry Christmas, my son! I’m always thinking about you.

Son, the distance makes it impossible to hug, but never separate the ties from the heart. Whenever I look at you becomes Christmas again, I remember love was born. Have a Merry Christmas!

that the main Christmas star shine in your heart leading you to the achievement of dreams. Lots of peace, joy and health. MERRY CHRISTMAS, FILLOS!

Dear son, may our days be of unity, complicity and much love. You are the greatest gift of my life. Merry Christmas!

Mother’s Heart always accompanies the children. Make sure I’m praying for you and wishing all your dreams come true. Merry Christmas!

Son, in the tree of life, you are the most special gift God sent to make me happy. I wish your Christmas to be full of blessings.

My heart overflows happiness and gratitude for having such a wonderful child. Merry Christmas! Health, peace, harmony and success. In admiring the lights of this cream, it is impossible not to remember your bright little eyes, my boy.

I would like to be close to you, my son. As I can’t, receive all my affection, love and longing. This date just reminds me that you were the gift I asked God. Merry Christmas!

The true Christmas spirit is in simplicity. Love was born in the simplest place. My son, value everything beautiful that life gives you. Merry Christmas!

I know you don’t believe in Santa Claus, but every year I will continue to ask you to visit your home, because you will always be my baby. Merry Christmas, Son!

The united family is the largest Christmas blessing. My son, may our celebrations be full of love, affection and complicity. Merry Christmas!

My son, may the love of the baby Jesus illuminate you and inspire you this Christmas! Happiness, health, humility and many dreams for you.

May the Christmas spirit renew your heart, my son. It’s time to thank, forgive and dream. Merry Christmas!

May divine love be increasingly present in your life, my son. May Jesus Christ dwell your heart and overflow wherever it is. Merry Christmas!

my son, may your Christmas be perfect! Even from afar, I will be with you in my heart during the celebrations. Embrace the Christmas spirit!

That health, humility, dreams, and peace come together in your heart to celebrate this special day. Merry Christmas, Son! How we would like it to be with us! Your smile would be our gift.

Son, it is time to sow hope, cultivate faith and spread love. May the sacred family welcome you as a member of the heavenly family and can warm your heart in our absence. Merry Christmas!

This year, we cannot gather, but physical distance will never be greater than family ties. Merry Christmas, Son!

I wish Santa to visit his home and distribute love, generosity, harmony, peace and health in abundance. In my eyes you will always be my excited boy on this date. Merry Christmas, Son!

Son, for Christmas to get even more perfect, you just have to come to the supper. We will miss you. Lots of peace and health. That you never lack the certainty that you are loved.

Son, may the Christmas magic happen in your heart. Build memories, value the moments and seek your happiness. Merry Christmas!

that all affection in the world shines in your heart. May your joy be greater than a football fans. May you always be sure how much you are loved. MERRY CHRISTMAS, FILLOS!

Son, make the Christmas season a garden: sow love, take care with love, start everything that hurts your heart and drizzle with perseverance. For next year, I wish your harvest to be abundant and to be with us on that date.

Son, my greatest gift is to see you conquering your dreams. Soon we will be together. Merry Christmas!

It’s time to stop, think, reflect and renew your energies. In all your decisions, my son, first, listen to your heart. We are here hoping for your success. Merry Christmas!

Son, there is no greater gift than your presence. Soon we will be together and united by the Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas! We wait for you to celebrate.

It’s Christmas! May all the charm shine in your heart. Much health and joy, my son. Soon we will be together and we will celebrate this date on a daily basis.

A Merry Christmas with Jesus in the heart and the gathered family. May God bless you, dear son. Soon we will be gathered celebrating!

Son, never forget that the greatest wealth is not material, but the spiritual. Baby Jesus was born for you. Merry Christmas!

Son, you are the light that illuminates me, my constant pride. I wish many smiles, happiness and achievements. Merry Christmas!

Son, I send a very tight and loving hug to engage you on this special date. Merry Christmas!

It’s a party time! May joy reign in your life and that your energies are renewed. Receive our hug with each word. Merry Christmas, Son!

Son, your smile is my greatest Christmas ornament. You are brilliant and shine hope. Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve! Son, may Christmas magic be in your heart and turn all your dreams a reality.

Son, the longing is great, but our connection is immense. May your heart be illuminated. Merry Christmas!

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