42 lucky messages that will make you reflect on chance

Do you believe in luck? For superstitious it exists and is responsible for good and unexpected events in their lives. But for skeptics, they are just coincidences.

There are those who say luck is yourself who does, others prefer to say that it simply appears to those who need it most. In any case, it is the subject of endless discussions!

If you believe or not, it is here for a reason. Would it be a force majeure or just a chance? Check out our selection of lucky quotes and enjoy this moment, you may find exactly what you need!

Lucky quotes in the game

You have certainly heard of this group that does not separate: luck, bad luck, love and game! If you are lucky in one, you have unlucky in the other. Which duo do you belong? See our selection of luck quotes in the game and have fun:

Luck in the game only depends on the competence of the player himself.

Want to find out if you are lucky? Play the data.

The game does not lie, that’s where we find out if we are lucky or not.

luck in the game, bad luck in love!

Everyone is lucky to beginner in every game that starts.

luck in the game is knowing how to lose!

Beyond every successful move there is a lucky man.

Luck quotes in love

Ah, love! Upon finding someone special, many people consider themselves lucky, but when they are disappointed, consider themselves unlucky … Is love really a matter of luck? See our list of luck quotes in love and reflect:

Maybe love is like luck: we have to risk it.

Not being loved is lack of luck, but not loving is unhappiness itself.

We don’t need to be lucky in love. We need to have a reciprocal love.

I want the luck of a quiet love.

We resist accepting that someone we love is not, nor has it been, special. How lucky when we know who you are dealing with: even if you will unleash it one day, everything that has been built will stand up.

If you make mistakes is unlucky, if you get it right, if you love is destination, you are a victim of life and have done nothing yet.

My luck is to have your hug as a reward for all waiting.

Quotes of Luck and Faith

Some say luck is just a matter of believing what you are doing. Faith can move mountains and help accomplish things that were out of our reach! Check out some luck and faith quotes we chose to inspire you to believe:

For those who have faith, there is no luck.

I believe too much in luck. And I have found that the harder I work, the luckier I have.

Luck accompanies me, I have a closed body to envy, the intrigue does not tie my feet, I am immune to the evil eye.

Your luck is yourself who does … Believe me and everything will work!

When you can change your ideas, think differently and have faith in your purposes, life will show you your way to luck.

It is in our hands and in our ability to have faith, the fate of our luck.

The best lucky amulet is faith.

Luck quotes in life

Who has gone through a choke and a triz has escaped something worse, surely already felt on the skin what it is to be lucky! Have you ever been to something like that made you believe something bigger was involved? Check out these luck quotes in life and think about!

The biggest luck I had in my life was to meet you, and my greatest happiness is to have you with me.

Try your luck! Life is made of opportunities. The man who goes further is almost always the one who has the courage to risk it.

If your life is the best thing that has ever happened to you, believe me, you are more lucky than you can imagine.

Not all flowers are so lucky, some adorn life and others adorn death.

Everyone has their own destiny. Not everyone makes the decision to follow him. I was lucky enough to have done this.

Lucky knocks on each door once in their lifetime, but in many cases one is having fun around and does not hear it.

Desire changes object all the time. Pity of who is a vase. Luck of who is land.

Lucky Citations of the Day

Sometimes a simple sentence can change everything. Who knows any of this selection of quotes can inspire you on something … Read carefully and take advantage of them, the luck of the day may be right in front of you right now!

Luck is to be ready when the opportunity comes.

With luck you cross the world, without luck you do not cross the street.

The only safe thing about luck is that it will change.

Destination is not a matter of luck, it is a matter of choice. It is not something to expect, it is something to conquer.

Luck respects the brave and oppress the cowards.

I believe in luck. What other way can you explain the success of those you don’t like?

A person does not seek luck, it is luck that seeks the person.

Lucky citations at work

Hard work and merit compensation or just luck? Whatever the reason for things to go well at work, luck is a matter of believing or not. Check out some luck quotes at work and draw your conclusions on the subject:

The luck of those who work is directly proportional to the bad luck of the lazy.

Lucky exists. What else can explain the success of our competitors?

Wish good luck to those who do not study and do not work. Wish good luck, those who do not prepare for their future, these do need good luck.

luck is this. Deserve and have.

Luck is a quilt where we embroider the opportunities that come to us and at the end we need to know how to bid for our effort to be worth it.

Being lucky is to have the strength not to settle and fight so that the fruit of your work is successful.

The meeting of the preparation with the opportunity generates what we call luck.

Somehow, luck is also linked to the destination. Do you believe your way is already traded even before everything happens? We made a selection of destination quotes for you to continue on this vibe and reflect on chances – or luck – of life, check it out!

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