41 Labor Day messages to share with everyone

Congratulations worker! For the strength, courage and dedication to doing a decent and extremely important work.

There are several professions, all have their value. The worker yields a lot when he is made with love. Happy Labor Day.

Your task is to discover your work and then, with all your heart, dedicate yourself to it.

Congratulations to all warriors and warriors who, rain or sunbathe, get up daily in search of a better future. Happy Labor Day!

Work is the search for breath, comfort, survival. Overcome obstacles, seek bread, work with joy in the divine daily task.

All honest work sustains, honor and dignifies the human being. Happy Labor Day!

Congratulations to those who dignify life through your work. May 1st, Labor Day

God bless all workers! They are responsible for the development of our country. People who with the sweat of their own body are concerned with contributing to the welfare of every nation. May 1st, Labor Day!

To you, worker, that makes things happen. Congratulations on the day of the work!

To all our friends and business partners who, daily build sweat, work and faith a better world for everyone, we want a happy day at work!

To be successful at work, the first thing to do is fall in love with him.

God, I put my work in your hands and believe in my success and prosperity. Thank you, Amen.

Work is the source of all wealth and culture. May 1st, Labor Day.

Work provides the bread of each day, but it is the joy that gives you flavor.

Whatever your happy profession work!

Work dignifies man, pleasure perfects work, passion gives meaning and love eternalizes.

May your work be perfect so that even after your death it remains.

The biggest reward for our work is not what they pay us for it, but what it transforms us.

Every profession is great when exercised with honesty and dedication.

There is no way to achieve success without working to get there!

Work ennobles and dignifies man. May 1st, Labor Day.

Working is not a sacrifice, it is not torture. It can be something pleasant. Allows a whole professional structure, making you shine. Be a competent and cheerful winner. Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! Who does not cultivate the habit of labor contracts the addiction of laziness.

Success comes to those who are not afraid to scare away the laziness away!

This May 1st, that all blessings fall on the worker who, without distinction of category, race, creed or purchasing power, always aims for the best and is the driving machine of every nation.

Work only tires us if we do not dedicate ourselves with joy.

The only day of the year for you, worker, arrived. A day without routine, schedules, uniform … and that boss you love. May 1st – Labor Day

Working is important, but half the success comes from the faith that you will reach your goal.

Work ennobles man, but a break until it goes well. May 1st – Labor Day

Success is the side effect of well done work.

Congratulations to all the workers! May God always bless your work, and fill you with strength to keep fighting and winning.

No matter what your work is, do it as if it depended on the world.

chasing what we dream is laborious, so only the strongest can achieve their goals.

Value your work, taking care of everything you have already won.

You are capable! Just cling to your skills and rock!

Work for yourself, it does not give up to achieve goals that are not truly your will.

You do not always have to be following other people, you just need to overcome yourself with constancy.

Resisting sometimes is necessary, but giving up should never be an alternative!

Without work, all life rots. But under a soulful work, life chokes and dies.

Work takes us away from the worst things that exist!

To be aware, it is necessary to work. And to work, knowledge is required.

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