40 wine messages for those of you who like to enjoy this classic drink

There are those who say that wine is much more than a mere alcohol, it is also an art! From planting grapes to liquid fermentation, there is a large process involving skilled and dedicated people to produce a quality wine.

If you are a wine lover, you are in the right place. Take a bowl, settle and enjoy this selection of wine quotes, just be careful not to end the bottle while reading!

Wine Quotes for Facebook

Are you feeling inspired? So why not write a little about a good wine? Check out these wine quotes for Facebook, copy and use it on your profile:

The poetry of the wines: love, smile and sing …

Wisdom does not automatically come with age. True, some wines improve over time, but only if the grapes were good from the beginning.

Make advice with wine, but makes decisions with water.

Wine is the medicine that rejuvenates the old, heals the sick and enriches the poor.

Life is like wine: if we want to appreciate it well, we should not drink it to the last drop.

Wine is one of the most civilized and natural things in the world that has achieved the greatest perfection. Offers a greater range for pleasure and appreciation than possibly any other purely sensory thing.

Only a wine is very excellent: the one you drink calmly.

wine, like music, is not just for you. It is to be shared.

I love all that is old: old friends, old days, old habits, old books and reserve wines.

wine is like the incarnation: it is divine and human.

Funny wine quotes

Wine is an alcoholic beverage and of course, after a few cups, our mood begins to appear. Are you the type who loves to tell jokes? So this selection of funny wine quotes is for you, check out:

In the absence of love and affection, beer, cacha├ža and wine!

drink a glass of wine at night because it is good for health. The other cups are for the jokes and to improve my dance steps!

A cold for both of us, watered by fireplace, cheeses and wines. Dessert, love.

It is all worth it when the bottle of wine is not small.

A good friend would bring a bottle of wine. A best friend would bring two, one for each!

I didn’t drink the whole bottle of wine, she who opened on her own and ended up in my cup.

Money may not buy happiness, but buy something that is the same thing: wine.

I put “drink wine” on my list of tasks just so I can say that I did something!

wine is not the drink of the gods, it is drunk.

Coffee to change what I can and wine to accept what I can’t.

Roger only drinks soft wine and Deborah Secco.

Wine and cold quotes

wine and cold have no separation! They are the perfect pair, there is no denying. Are you eager for winter just so you can have the taste of wine in the cold? So delight with this list of wine and cold quotes:

On cold nights, good wine and a comforter.

On winter nights, a good wine, fireplace and a lot of affection.

Just my red wine to comfort me on cold and rainy nights inside my room.

Better than winter itself just a bottle of wine to accompany.

Hot winter is the one that passes in the vineyard canteen, taking wine from Porto!

The best moment of your life will be when sitting with friends and sharing a wine in full cold.

A wine is able to warm the cold of the most frozen hearts.

Today’s Time: Low temperatures with the possibility of good wines over the night.

In the cold, a good wine is excellent!

Are you cold? Nothing that a good wine doesn’t solve!

Wine Quotes for Status

How about showing your contacts how much you enjoy a wine? There will be an unexpected invitation to drink … Check out our selection of wine quotes for status, copy and use it on social networks.

good is life, but better is wine.

Men are like wines: the sour age the bad and the good ones.

It is convenient to treat friendship like wines, distrusting the mixtures.

either give me wine or leave me alone.

Youth is drunkenness without wine.

In wine is the truth.

I want a good wine, a good soundtrack, a good place and a new and overwhelming love.

Do not drink wines to forget, but to transport yourself to other dimensions of pleasure!

This is one of the disadvantages of wine: it makes a man confuse words with thoughts.

having a wine alone, enjoying your own company is too good, now sharing a bottle with the people you like best is even better! How about calling the crowd to drink? This selection of true friendship quotes will inspire you to invite your best friends to share this moment with you, check it out!

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