40 toast quotes to celebrate all the good things in life | messages, wishes and quotes

There are moments in our lives that inspire us to celebrate with great intensity. One of the ways to value what we are experiencing is by toasting. It can be a toast to love, life, friendships and more. Therefore, we have selected the best toast quotes that are perfect to use on these occasions. Check it out and have the right words for each celebration!

Toast quotes to celebrate happiness with the people we love

Here’s to the unexpected, and to the many ways to move forward.

A toast to chance. A toast to what worked, to what didn’t. A toast to the uncertain path, to the wrong person. A toast to everything that happens, a toast to what will never happen. Everything that has changed, and everything that will never change.

A toast to life and everything we’ve achieved, because if we don’t celebrate what’s ours, who will?

Our friendship deserves a toast every day because it is the reason for my happiness!

A toast to what we live and don’t need to show anyone because we’re making the most of it!

Here’s to those moments we can’t publish but will never forget.

A toast to the life that never stops surprising us and always brings joy even on the most difficult days!

A toast to the friendship that never ends and that always shows us that life can be better and more fun!

Even if life is not easy, it deserves to be toasted because we are capable of overcoming each of the difficulties!

Here’s to the future we’re going to live together and to all the dreams I know we’re going to make come true!

A toast to the difficulties that stick more than super glue and never leave us!

A toast to the person who brought us together here today. May your life be very joyful and full of love. Happy birthday!

A toast to the changes that never leave us stuck in the same place and always take us forward!

A toast to the true ones and may the false ones sink into their own poison.

Life has to be toasted and celebrated. I propose a toast to our joys, our struggles and all our achievements!

May moments like this never be lacking in our lives and may the reasons for us to toast only increase!

Let’s toast to our love and to this immense desire to never be apart from each other again!

A toast to this night where we’re going to drink so much that we might not even remember anything!

Let’s toast to what makes us smile because it helps us show our most beautiful selves!

Just being with you makes me want to toast our friendship and life!

A toast to the promises of love that were made today and may happiness be the center of this new home!

A toast to our meetings, to our kisses and hugs! A toast to our love!

Let’s toast to the luck of having each other because that’s what matters, to the people who share life with us!

A toast to life, because only life is worth a good toast.

Let’s toast to the celebration of another year of life and to more new opportunities to seek happiness!

I propose a toast to happiness and everything it brings. May our eyes always focus on what is good and forget what is bad!

A toast to the moments that will be eternal in our memory because we will be side by side!

Every moment spent by your side is a moment to be cherished!

This is a toast of hope, a toast that believes in better days and hopes for all the good that the future holds!

It doesn’t matter what drink is in your glass, it’s all about toasting the moments spent with the people we love!

Let’s toast to the reality of things, of life, of feelings, of luck.

A toast to the alcohol that makes any moment even more lively, fun and memorable!

I want to toast the peace that you bring to my heart just by being here!

Let’s toast like this, for no apparent reason, just because we’re together and we’re happy!

Let’s celebrate and celebrate while we have time, desire and willingness. Here’s to our friendship!

A toast to life because there is no better reason to toast than to live!

Any reason to be happy is a reason to toast. Let’s raise our glasses and celebrate life, unity and love!

A toast to beer: the solution and the cause of all our problems.

Health! Let’s toast to the pleasure of living with joy and willingness to enjoy everything that life offers us!

A toast to the dance that continues, to the life that continues and to the constant chances of turning things around.

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