40 stupid messages to make your day funnier

Dealing with the world and people can be exhaustive, but with a good humor dose things tend to get better. To ensure good laughs, check out stupid quotes that bring animation to everyday life!

Idiotic quotes to share on WhatsApp and social networks

The important thing is not to know, but to have the phone of who knows.

Why “already” mean now, and “already, already” mean soon?

I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I don’t speak bullshit either … but sometimes I lie!

Before a swallow just than poorly accompanied.

The last words of a fish: I’m fried!

of thief is enough for the government, work!

Lemon is a bad mood orange.

When the clock was invented, how did you know what time it was?

It is not possible that life is just to study, clean the house and reject São Paulo’s connection …

In Portugal restaurants close for lunch.

I thought pneumonia was a disease of some virus that had on the tire.

I intend to marry a woman named Vitória, just to always say that victory is mine.

Study for my son to be the friend with a pool.

I would give nothing to the shovel, but the bakery.

I have an eye, the utensil.

If it is not very well, download and continue.

Once upon a time there was one chick with one eye. One day he went to blink and slept.

another Saturday doing what I really like: nothing!

Teamwork is great, allows you to blame someone else.

Never play with fire … he is boring and does not know how to play!

If time were money, my clock would be a millionaire.

If the video game hinders studies, stop studying.

Now this boring part of the week starts from Monday to Friday.

are called bike bike, why don’t they call Mike?


He told me: either sum or add. I preferred to disappear, I hate mathematics.

Any stupid person’s dream is to evolve and become just dumb.

I think my bed has been working out my legs … She’s with the biggest mattress!

Clean vote means passing alcohol 70 in the title before going to the electoral section.

Is the gold relative of dog? Because there are a few carat …

If we throw a paper ball on the computer screen, we can hit the desktop dump?

Abbreviation: Open the door of a police car.

At my wedding, I will sign in pencil … I don’t trust man!

The guys already have technology to send man to the moon, but have not yet made a silent dryer.

Human being is the most similar animal with people.

What is it, what is it: What does we cry and suffer lying down? Me.

Passing Monange in the dry answer you gave me.

“If you continue like this, you will die alone.” In the coffin only one fits the same.

the leg never broke, but the face … High times!

already said my mother: No.

Hard to be human is that if you think a lot, all alternatives begin to make sense.

Nothing like some lively stupid quotes to laugh with friends, family or share on social networks, right?

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Since the goal is to space and at the same time relax, that these jokes do not miss the coveted laugh of ours every day.

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