40 sorry messages for girlfriend that show regret

There is nothing worse than hurting who we love. And when we go wrong, nothing more noble than asking forgiveness and, above all, strive to change. To redeem yourself and show you all your regret, we have separated the best girlfriend excuses that will help you get out of any relationship crisis. Check it out below!

Following quotes for perfect girlfriend for those who stepped on the ball

I ask for forgiveness for my confusion, I never wanted to hurt you. Sorry, my love, for everything I caused you.

I am sorry for breaking all the promises I was not around to keep. If only you listened to me. This time is the last time I will ask you to stay.

Forgive me, I can’t live away from you, my love.

From the bottom of my heart, forgive me? I love you forever and I want you with me forever!

Sorry for everything I told you without thinking. Sorry for me simply to love you.

I love you so much and, for love, I was wrong. I’m sorry!

I ask for forgiveness for what I did, for the mistakes I made and for hurting you, the last person I wanted to hurt.

I’m sorry for the things I didn’t say and how you are the best thing in my world. And as I am proud to call you my girl.

If I can’t apologize for acting wrong, then it’s a shame for me. I will be the reason for your pain and you can blame me.

Forgiveness for every tear that you knocked down for me. I promise this will not happen again.

Everyone makes bullshit. I am just one more who is trying to improve. I’m not perfect. Asking for forgiveness, I will continue even that I have to cry.

I came to find you, say I’m sorry. You don’t know how kind you are. I had to find you, say I need you and tell you that I chose you.

I hate to see you sad and I hate even more to know that I am the cause of all this. I’m sorry?

I’m sorry for the hurts I caused you. It was not my intention to make you suffer.

It is not over tonight. Just give me one more chance to redeem me. I may not survive at night. I won’t go home without you.

I’m sorry for every time I made our relationship troubled. This will not be repeated!

To love is to forgive. I swear I’ll be forever.

Girl, I see in your eyes, you are disappointed. Because I am the fool you blessed with your heart and I shattered it. But here I am asking you another chance. Can we fall in love once again?

We often say things without thinking, which hurt people. But I want you to know my regret for what I told you. Forgive me?

We often say things without thinking, they hurt people. But I want you to understand that we make mistakes, after all, we are human. I’m sorry?

The best apology is the behavioral change and I promise, my love, that I will do everything to change and improve!

I apologize for loving you too much, having made you my world and not seeing in this life another light than yours.

I know I’m not the perfect boyfriend, but you are the perfect girlfriend. Please forgive me.

You are the most beautiful and loving girlfriend someone could have, and I know I stepped on the ball. All I can do is apologize to you and promise that I will improve.

I never did anything with the intention of hurting you and it hurts me a lot to see you like this. I’m sorry?

I will spend the rest of my life struggling to change the mistake I made. You are an amazing girlfriend and I can’t imagine my life without you. Forgive me!

Sorry for all unfulfilled promises, mistakes made and failures in our relationship. You are my love and I will always love you!

This time I made a mistake ugly. Sorry to make you go through this, love. I swear I will improve!

I try to be a better person for you! Sorry for every time I made a mistake and made you sad. I love you, very much!

You are the most wonderful girlfriend I’ve ever had and I can’t imagine myself without your presence. So, from the bottom of my heart: forgive me?

It is horrible to know that I am the cause of your sadness. I promise, love, that this will never happen again. Sorry.

I never felt so bad to hurt someone. I take the responsibility of my mistakes and I apologize, love.

I feel terrible for every conflict I caused in our dating. You are an amazing woman who doesn’t deserve to go through this. Forgiveness!

I’m lucky to have a girlfriend as amazing as you! And I hesitated too much in these times. I ask for forgiveness for each error!

I know I was wrong and I’m here to redeem every bad thing I did. Do you give me another chance?

I don’t exist without you, love. Sorry for everything I made you pass. You are a beautiful woman who deserves none of this.

Every dating has bad phases and I am responsible for the current complicated situation. I’m sorry, I promise I will improve.

I was never so sincere to apologize. I assume responsibility for everything. Please, you are the woman of my life, forgive me.

Love, if you give me another chance I promise you won’t regret it. I will spend the rest of my days trying to redeem me.

There is no more perfect girlfriend and I am a fool that hesitated. Please give me another chance!

A relationship is built with the commitment of both parties, whether in good or bad times. And to leave the heart of your warm love, the tip is to take a look at these romantic quotes for girlfriend!

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