40 messages from lovers that will express all your feelings

It’s really hard to explain what happens when we are in love, isn’t it? Suddenly, the world is more beautiful and we learn to value the little moments we spent with those we love. So we select quotes from lovers to show all your feelings and will help you declare your love for that special person. Check it out!

Quotations of passionate lovers

Being in love is a unique feeling that really transforms our lives. And to help you express everything you feel for that special people, we have selected the following quotes. Check it out!

It doesn’t matter if you are close or far, what matters is that you exist!

Love does not start in the word, but in the look. Words are fleeting, while the looks last a lifetime.

I don’t know what the ways of life reserve us, but I’m sure, wherever I go, I will take you forever in my heart.

You are the guardian angel that illuminates all my dreams!

There is not even a day when I don’t wake up thinking about you. And do you want to know? There is no better thought!

My love for you grows with every beat of my heart!

I never imagined that I would get my best gift like this without even waiting: you!

When I first looked at you, I found that my life was about to change …

Nothing better for ourselves than a corresponded love.

I know several smiles and yours is what even most enchants me.

Quotations of funny lovers

If being in love is already good, when we can have a good laugh with those we love is even better! So we selected the following quotes to make your day and whom you like much happier. See below!

You’re like Google: There are everything I look for!

Do you really think I love you? Because you found it right!

serious relationship is too boring, I want to sigh of pleasures!

Put two dentures in the same glass, this is true love!

I love you with all my belly. I was going to say heart, but my belly is bigger.

My teachers have taught me a lot, but only you taught me to love!

Our love has no shelf life. It’s forever!

Conquering your heart is being difficult. That is, I know I’m on the right track!

I don’t even need heat to melt for you.

You are not Friday, but I stayed the whole week waiting for you!

Quotations of lovers with indirect

Are you wanting to send that indirect to poke your love, but haven’t found the right words yet? Then the next selection of quotations will help you in this difficult time. Check it out and share!

Some people can even make you smile, but I doubt someone makes you happy like me.

Sometimes things start to work because now you have the right person by your side …

Never close your eyes to the world, as there are people in it who expect your gaze.

We must love everyone, but we need to learn to value who really is with us.

It is not the opposites who attract, they are the differences that are completed.

Some will say it is not true. Lucky our love is stronger than the envy of others … or at least it should be.

Deep down, the love you give is the love you want to receive. Or at least it should be so.

Love does not hurt, who hurts are the people.

Valentine’s Day will be the same as Santa’s sleigh: several animals with horns carrying gifts.

You only learn to love when you love yourself.


longing is a feeling that hits hard when we are away from those we love. With that in mind, we have selected some quotes that will say how much you miss that special person. Check it out below!

There is no medicine that heals my longing for you.

longing is what is left of the absence of someone we love.

As much as time goes by, I’m still with you in my thoughts.

Being away from you has been my biggest challenge.

For you I hope how much it takes, because I know that when we are together, everything will be worth it!

Despite the distance, I still loving you and wishing you madly!

The price we pay for extraordinary moments is longing.

I miss us. Of you and me together, the moments we spent next to each other.

Who I love is not always close to me, but it is always in my heart.

The distance may even separate two looks, but never two hearts!

Expressing what we feel for our lover is great, isn’t it? Taking advantage of you are here, also check out our couple quotes in love and discover other ways to cherish the heart of the person you love!

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