40 messages from Jesus loves you that fill you with the grace of the Savior

We know that the love of Jesus is the greatest there is. After all, he gave us his life for our sins to be forgiven and we had a new life. The world needs to know this love. Therefore, we have selected the best quotes of Jesus loves you perfect to share with those who need to hear that word of faith. Check it out below!

Quotes of Jesus loves you to embrace this truth and strengthen the faith

Jesus doesn’t care about your past, He loves you with all your defects.

Do not be discouraged from your faith, keep believing that everything will work out because Jesus loves you so much, delivered your life betting on you!

Jesus loves every piece of your story, every detail of your personality … Jesus knows you like no one else, so you love you in full.

Because Jesus loved us, we are free to live the life He has for us.

Jesus loves you and want you close to Him to live under your care and grace.

Jesus loves us so much that he gave his life for us. The least we can do is deliver our lives into your hands.

we are sinners, but the love of Jesus is so great that He loves us and forgives us.

I am happy because I know that Jesus loves me, because He chose me to be his son and live by his side.

Faith in Jesus makes us see that your love is the deepest love we can experience.

Jesus loves you and He wants the best for you. The best for you is to be close to Him!

We only know true happiness when we experience the love of Jesus fill all areas in our lives.

have no doubt how Jesus loves you. He forgives his sins and gives you a new life.

The life that Jesus has for you is beautiful. And he has amazing things prepared for you because he loves you.

Smile because you are the target of the most beautiful love that exists, the love of Jesus!

No need to cry anymore, Jesus loves you and will dry your tears.

Every tear is transformed into a smile when we are in the arms of Jesus that loves us very much.

Because Jesus loves us, we were saved. Everything he did was for the sake of us and for us to have the chance of eternal life.

Jesus loves you so much that you want to transform your life, realize your dreams and make you very happy.

Jesus loves you and wants to see you smiling. Trust what he is doing in your life.

No need to worry about your future, you don’t have to suffer in anticipation, Jesus loves you and is taking care of everything.

You can’t deny that Jesus loves you. Just look around you that you will realize that all you have is because he loved you.

When feeling his warm and full of love, it is because Jesus chose him to make abode. Trust that he loves you.

Because Jesus loves you, He will relieve your burden, bring salvation and make you a happier person with every acceptance of the cross.

Trust how Jesus loves you and how much He wants to give you everything a Son of Him deserves.

It was he who said he loves us and he was the one who proved it with his own life. Do not doubt the love of Jesus!

I’m sure Jesus loves you and wants to transform your life and your walk.

You no longer need to suffer, you just have to deliver your life into the hands of the one who loves you and wants to change your story: Jesus!

The second greatest gift Jesus gives us, after his love, is his forgiveness.

Not even the oceans are greater than the love of Jesus. Believe that he loves you and is ready to welcome you and call you a son.

of one thing you can be sure: Jesus loves you so much, but so much that you will make you smile just for trusting this love.

Those who were touched by the love of Jesus were never sad because, knowing that He loves us and was able to reach the last consequences for us, it is the purest happiness.

Jesus loves you and cares about you. He wants to be your best friend.

I am here to warn you how great the love of Jesus is for you. Let him touch your heart.

Jesus loves you so much that you want to change your life, give you dignity and restore your dreams.

No one loves you like me. Look at the cross, this is my great proof. Nobody loves You the way I do. Look at the cross, it was for you, because I love you.

We love it because he loved us first.

If I go up to the heavens, I know that there is also there too. If the abyss is my soul, I know that there you love me too! Lord, I know you love me!

My commandment is this: love each other as I loved them.

The love of Christ and his friendship are not illusory. Jesus on the cross shows how they are real.

Jesus is the smile of God. He came to reveal to us the love of the Father, his goodness, and the first way he did this was to smile at his parents.

Never doubt how much he loves you and, to know more about our Savior, check out our quotes of Jesus and let them touch your heart.

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