40 messages from God for children because the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs

God loves the little ones. He takes care of the children, speaks to them and protects them from evil. They are also the symbol of their hope in us and a way of demonstrating their love. Therefore, we must learn how to explain to them the love of the Creator. Thinking about it, we select God quotes for children and share with the little ones!

Quotes from God for children who will make them feel loved and speak directly to them

God rejoices with the praise of children because he is sincere, pure and heart.

Jesus is our best friend, the one who is always close and likes to talk to us.

Do you know who Jesus is? He is a very nice guy who obeyed his father and saved us with all evil.

Sin is like a spot in our hearts and Jesus is the soap that can wash it and make it beautiful and bright again.

Children will inherit the kingdom of heaven because they are pure, really love and do not differentiate people.

God loves all children. They are their daughters and he takes care of them all with love and affection.

Children must hear God’s Word in a way they understand, because God also wants to talk to them.

Children carry the message that God still believes in humanity and continues to provide us with the gift of life.

God loves you from the way you are. He doesn’t care if you are low, tall, thin, fat. He simply loves you.

God uses children to talk to us with the simplicity of all their love.

God’s love is like the simplicity of children, light, true and always honest.

Children symbolize hope, they bring the message that God trusts that humanity can be good.

The Kingdom of God is one of those who learn to love, to be simple and sincere like children.

Jesus is always around and, to talk to Him, just close the little eyes and say a prayer!

The most perfect work of God is the children who carry their love in everything they do.

We have little angels around us and God asks us to take care of them and teach your way.

Who since I was a child’s teachings will grow by following his word and will never deviate from the way.

God’s love takes all the fear of our hearts because it is strong and removes everything that is bad from our life.

Let’s praise Jesus with our hearts. We can dance, sing, play, but do everything with love to him!

A happy child is the one who knows God’s love of close, who can dance, play and be free to be a child.

In the love of a child, we have the divine presence that teaches them to love with all heart and sincerely.

God rejoices with children, because they are happy to hear their word.

We need to be obedient to our parents just as Jesus was obedient to God!

Living for the glory of God must be our goal since I was young.

a child’s smile reflects the glory of God, because he manifests himself by the lives of the little ones and announces the strength of his love.

God never misses, but His most perfect work is the children who teach us so much with simplicity and fill us with hope for the future.

Jesus loves us from the way we are. He takes care of our hearts and does not allow anyone to hurt us.

Pray for your family, ask Jesus to take care of your parents and he will hear you because it is your best friend.

If there is a friend who never leaves us and really loves us, this friend is Jesus!

Big, so big, tall, so tall! Deep, deep, is bigger than the world, but it is small, it fits inside, the heart of those who surrender to the Savior.

God has a special way of talking to children, a simple way that touches their hearts in depth.

And I said, Truth I say to you that if you do not convert and do not do you as boys, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, the one who becomes humble like this boy is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

In the eyes of the Father, you are a masterpiece he planned. With his own hands, he painted the color of his skin, his hair drew. Every detail in a touch of love!

Then Jesus said, Let the children come to me and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are similar.

The Bible says, I well know that there is a right time for everything and that in Christ I can rest. Time to study, play time, planting time, spoon time.

At that time, answering Jesus, I said, I give you, O Father, Lord of heaven, and earth, that you hid these things to the wise and understood, and revealed them to the little ones.

sulky face is not a Christian thing. No, no, no. No, no, no! Being good with life, with Jesus in the heart. Is so good! It’s so good!

It is possible for God every morning to say to the sun: “Let’s go again”; And every night to the moon: “Let’s go again.” Perhaps it is not an automatic need that makes all daisies the same; It may be that God create all daisies separately, but never get tired of creating them. He may have an eternal child appetite; For we sin and get old, and our father is younger than us. The repetition in nature may not be mere recurrence; It can be a theatrical bis.

I read in the Bible and I will tell you that with Jesus, you can win. You get brave, get obedient, if you come evil, you win.

the run of waters, the passage of the clouds, the play of children, the blood in the veins. This is God’s music!

May children be very close to God and be protected by Him. See also our quotes about playing and allow the little ones to have fun the right way.

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