40 messages for your cousin that remind you of everything you’ve experienced together

There is no way to think about our cousins ​​without recalling moments of companionship and a lot of joy. And with them we have the truest and lasting friendship of all life.

We have selected quotes for cousin for you to thank you for always being with you and saying you don’t need anything else if they are around. Choose your favorite and share!

Cousin Quotes that show that it is your reference

Our destiny was really outlined in maternity. I love you, cousin!

Having a cousin is having a friend and a confidant in the same person. I love you, cousin!

Dear cousin, you are an angel that God sent me. Always count on me.

Life is much better when you have a cousin next door.

It is so good that our cousin connection has been accompanied by a beautiful friendship!

When cousins ​​come together is a guarantee of a day of fun and lots of laughter.

cousin, you were one of my first friends and will be my companion for a lifetime.

cousins ​​are our greatest companions and leave deep marks in our lives.

cousin love lasts forever! I don’t know what would be me without you.

cousins ​​with brothers’ connection is rare, so we are so special.

I have the most special cousin of all. And forever you will have an exclusive place in my heart.

My childhood memories are wonderful, because you have always been with me, cousin! I love you!

fate made us cousins, but the heart made us brothers.

By your side I always feel good with life, cousin. You are essential in my life!

Time passes, the distance increases, but a cousin like you are impossible to forget!

half brother, but always friend and companion in full. I love you, cousin!

The friendship I have with my cousin is one of those to keep on the left side of the chest!

You are not only an amazing cousin, but also the most special and dear person I have ever met.

cousin, you are responsible for my best smiles. I don’t change you for anyone!

cousin, you have been accompanied by me, since I understand myself for people, and I just have to thank you for that.

cousin, I consider you too much and I never want this beautiful bond to end. I always want to be by your side, and know that you can count on me for everything!

How many good memories were built with you. No wonder you are my best friend. I love you, my cousin.

my confidant, my great friend. Cousin, thank you for representing various roles in my life, thank you for the moments we live together and for all the affection you give me. I love you!

Our story was not just fun, it was special and unforgettable. I wish you all the best!

We are not just cousins, we are friends, brothers and confidants.

You are part of my story and live in my heart, cousin. I miss everything we have ever lived!

It is a huge privilege to have the best cousin in the world in my family.

I am very lucky to have such a partner cousin as you!

Impossible not to have an amazing day when I’m on your side, cousin. I love you!

I take my cousins ​​stored in my heart so that no distance move us away.

cousin, know that I will be by your side to the most difficult days.

Even distant our connection remains strong, for it is true and eternal, cousin!

It is with great joy that I share so many memories with you, cousin. All these moments are recorded in photos, memories and smiles.

Our story defines who we are! Thanks for being all this route with me, cousin.

my cousin, my brother, my friend, my everything. We will always be together in the days of struggle and in the days of glory.

It’s great to have someone as good as you trust, my cousin! You inspire me to be a better person every day.

I want to continue living more adventures by your side. Thank you for being an amazing cousin.

cousin, I want to thank you for always supporting me, putting up with me and offering me your friendly shoulder in all situations.

Your joy infects me, inspires and motivates since childhood. Thank you for being the best cousin I could ask God!

From a child I already knew I would take you with me to my whole life. I love you so much, cousin.

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