40 messages for women that show your determination

In a world dominated by men, being a woman is practically an act of resistance. So, enjoy our inspiring quotes for women who praise these illustrious figures who battle rights. After all, their strength manifest a pride that only their experiences are able to convey. Share your favorites!

Quotes for women who praise their independence

The secret is: not question your dreams, but overcome your limits!

In everything you do, you give yourself completely. Halves are for women who do not recognize themselves when looking at the mirror.

The clothes will not change the world, the women who wear them will.

You are perfect and who says the opposite is because you do not know or deserve you.

Every time a woman defends herself, without even realizing that this is possible, without any pretense, she defends all women.

There was a time when women asked men to fight for their rights. But now we will fight for ourselves!

Be good with yourself and self-love will be your reward.

What is the biggest lesson a woman can learn? That from the first day she has always had everything she needs within herself. It was the world that convinced her she didn’t have.

Feminism must contemplate all women, it is necessary to realize that you can not fight against one oppression and feed another.

Remember: Your happiness should not be measured by beauty standards.

Nothing I accept about me can be used against me to diminish me.

When you are injured and it is far away, don’t wonder if you were enough. The problem is that you were more than enough and he could not carry.

Don’t be beautiful like patterns, just beautiful as you are yourself.

If a man can destroy everything, why couldn’t a girl change everything?

No one is born a woman, becomes woman.

shine without having to turn off the light of your similar.

A girl must be two things: who and whatever she wants.

The bodies of other women are not our battlefields.

You were not born to please others, but to win your best version.

A wise woman wants to be an enemy of anyone; A wise woman refuses to be the victim of someone.

That nothing defines us, that nothing subjects us. May freedom be our own substance.

The true feminine essence is to be safe from itself and know that, if you can dream, you can perform.

Woman is such a substance, which as much as you study it, you will always find something totally new.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

believing in your potential is the first step to being a realized woman.

My daily struggle is to be recognized as a subject, to impose my existence in a society that insists on neglecting it.

Don’t say you’re weak because you are a woman.

Be a woman who fosters the courage and liberation of other women.

If you want you to say something, ask a man. If you want you to do something, ask a woman.

If you were born with weakness to fall, you were born with the strength to lift.

Believing that you can more makes your brightness even more intense.

We realize the importance of our voice when we are silenced.

To be a woman is not to have time (no disposition) to distract yourself with those who do not add.

Do not waste time with standards, engage in being the woman of your life.

Respect your time while believing a little more on yourself.

Arrange for you, never for others. Your self -esteem should not be conditioned by third parties, but be positively fed by the way you see yourself!

Allow yourself to discover your strength and, for that, be your own inspiration.

You are unique and special, do not waste time trying to win the appreciation of everyone. Will end up losing the most genuine and irreplaceable: your personality.

You don’t need a prince when you own the castle.

You deserve to be loved by the experiences you carry on your chest.

May we always mirror ourselves in these which are examples of strength and determination. To be inspired even more, also check out some motivation quotes for women and find in words a purpose to keep battling!

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