40 messages for those who lost their grandfather that express eternal longing

How to say goodbye to a grandfather? It is so difficult to endure the loss, the existence becomes sadder. Soon he who was the hero of our childhood and the example of our life. However, goodbye is not necessary, because you can preserve living memories. So, check out our quotes for those who lost their grandfather, share their pain and embrace your longing.

Quotes for those who have lost their grandfather who bring comfort

vô, you were my hero, my best friend. Wherever I am, I take you in my chest with me.

I didn’t only lose a grandfather, I lost the greatest example of my life. ETERNAL HEALTHS.

vô, from heaven keep watching over me, because without you, I feel so lost. I miss your hug.

I still hear your voice contain me stories and telling me to be happy. Grandpa, losing you opened an abyss on my chest.

I miss your hug and smile. You were the best grandfather in the world. I will never forget your advice.

My existence is a bit sadder without your presence. My grandfather, as I would like to tell you I love you for the last time.

There was no time to say goodbye, but you know, Grandpa, for you, my love will always be eternal. I carry the longing and memories.

vô, you were my true shelter, the best counselor, my great friend. Crying does not wash the sadness I feel.

I didn’t lose a grandfather, I got a protective angel. I’m sure you are taking care of me. Love lives.

Grandpa, your home has always been the address of my happiness. With you, I lived the best moments. It will be difficult to support your absence.

If today I am who I am, it is because one day my grandfather held on my hand and guided me along the way of good. You will always be my master. I miss you!

The most beautiful souls in the world leave too early. I would like to wake up on your lap and find that it was all a nightmare. I miss you, dear vô.

vô, my sadness is huge for losing my great example, but my heart is filled with joy for living by your side.

Enjoy every moment with important people, because the loss is the greatest pain in the world. Vô, you make me a lot of missing!

vô, you always believed me and taught me never to give up. I promise I will be a source of pride for the Lord. Rest in peace!

vô, I won’t say goodbye, because I still feel you close to me. As long as I live, you will dwell my best memories.

I’m sure the strength of love is much greater than death. My grandpa, you will never be forgotten.

There is no better place than grandpa’s lap. I miss you from your affection, my old man! Your love is eternalized in my heart.

I’m so just without you by my side, dear grandfather. May time teach me to live with the longing you left. I will love you forever.

I’m sure we will meet again in eternity. For now, I will remember you with great affection. Until one day, my beloved grandfather.

Losing my grandfather was a thud I can’t describe. Everything is sadness, longing and absence. I miss you, vô!

Life is so unexpected. One day you were here and the other was no longer. What a sadness, my grandpa. I keep you in the heart.

The saddest song touches inside me and echoes the pain of loss. My dear grandpa, in thought, I ask you, forever protect myself.

I feel very blessed to have lived the best years of my life with a great man. Grandpa, you missed you a lot, but it also left a lot of love and example.

vô, I just have to thank for everything you taught me. I will be eternal apprentice of your love. You live in my heart.

vô, as much as I try, I can’t accept it. You left me anytime soon. Your departure is the worst loss of my life. Mourning heart.

Time goes by, but missing no. Grandpa, every day, I miss you. I wanted so much to have you by my side.

Today the world has lost a big star. Grandpa, keep shining in the sky. Forever I will remember your joy!

Grandpa, you who loved life so much today left. I’m sure you enjoyed every moment and left the best examples so I can follow your steps.

Grandpa, you fought until the last sigh of life. I’m very sad, but I know you found the deserved rest. Go in peace and have the sleep of the righteous.

Grandpa, I promise that the mission of my life will be to honor all the good you taught me. ETERNAL HEALTHS.

I will always be proud to say that I am your grandson. My heart is in mourning, grandpa, but I take in my memory the joy of taking advantage of every moment by your side.

vô, when you left, I plunged into a great sadness. It’s time to rise me and remember everything you taught me. Eternal gratitude for being my hero.

longing eternalizes the presence of those who departed. Grandpa, you stay alive inside me. I remember your laughter, your smell and kindness.

Grandpa, you did not leave, because it was always part of me. It is in every gesture of love I learned from the Lord and that I share today. Forever together.

Who has grandfather, please say I love you, express how valuable he is, because today I regret not taking advantage of the presence of my hero. Mourning heart.

I ask God to relieve my heart, because I have not yet learned to live without my grandfather. Sometimes it seems that I will never learn. The longing hurts.

Mourning is a struggle that efforts to win every day. Vô, it’s the sweet memories that you left that give me strength to continue.

vô, on earth, you missed it, but in heaven, I’m sure you will have a big party, because your joy is contagious. I miss you!

vô, you were responsible for my best smiles. I will keep as treasures all the beautiful moments we share. Rest in peace!

Resignifies the loss of your grandfather with the precious memories. To continue expressing your pain, also check out our mourning quotes and give time to time.

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