40 messages for fake friends that reflect the values of friendship

True friendships surpass any kind of distance and time. However, you do not always find people willing to have real feelings of companionship and affection. We have selected quotes to fake friends who exposes the problems of having around people who do not understand the true meaning of trust. Check it out!

Quotes for fake friends to use at complicated moments

I thought our years of coexistence would be enough to believe you.

For you, a night of love has more value than years of friendship.

I was here for all hours. You, just for the good times.

Real friends I tell my fingers. For me, the important thing is not quantity, but the certainty that I really can trust.

You broke my confidence. I thought we were friends, but by the way, we didn’t go to strangers.

You enjoyed my heart and played who I loved against me. Soon you, I considered it so much.

Indifference now reigns over our relationship. How can you be so cruel?

loves come and go, but friendship remains eternal. Or at least, that’s what I thought before I met you.

How will I explain to my children that even those we trust the most can hurt us?

You expect me to understand that you didn’t do it bad. Your insistence on hurting me is what hurts me most.

Confidence is something that time composes. And you managed to overthrow everything we have built so far.

I shoulder you when you needed me. Little did I know it wouldn’t be reciprocal.

You are very good in the game I don’t want to be part.

Soon she will realize that stealing others’ toys in the playground can’t make many friends

I walk downhill, trying not to see you, because I will never impress you. I just want to feel good again.

It is better to leave here than to walk with fake friends. I don’t need excuses to end bad things. I will not be despised and forgotten, because I only go after gold. I don’t need fake friends.

Friends you hit your chest to defend may now be on Rua defaming you.

friends like me don’t meet around and I paid for my ingenuity.

You wanted to have everything. It started playing with my head until I reached my limit. I should know that you were leaving.

The seventh thing you did that I hate the most is to have made me love you.

This competition for love only served to hurt me. It’s in your hand, you will now take care of a traitor. Make me this favor.

worries no. For a good connoisseur, half absence is enough.

See, you are the only one that does not give me value. So why is this value what I still want to have?

God save me from your plague. God help me with your anger. God immunizes me from your poison. God spare me from your end.

Like a damned dog, its scream is muffled. It’s vile and liar, God of heaven! How evil she is!

should arrest it and never release. The world was beautiful until it saw Cruella.

Friendship goes beyond laughter and parties. Friendship is about feelings that you will never be able to understand.

I already said that I am top, that I am powerful. See what I’m going to tell you. I am the diva you want to copy.

You can get me everything I have. You can say everything I do, but I just make you a request. Do not touch my boyfriend.

It’s no use, you are not ashamed in your face. Speak bad about me, but it’s my incubated fan.

I was always told that I was going crazy if I kept mirroring you.

If you don’t like it, sit and cry. Today I am in order to disturb.

I wonder how small your memory is not to remember everything we spent together.

I remember all the pain I felt. At that time, I didn’t realize that it was you who hurt me the most.

Comedy is a hand-free way. If only one people are laughing, it’s not funny. It’s evil.

You never forgive me for not being the person you wanted me to go anymore.

As if it were a challenge, you went after all my loves. And in this process, I ended up alone.

The best teaching on friendships was you who gave me: do not trust what you don’t want you well.

I remember both of us together. Making plans, laughing at the world. Your smile didn’t give the evil you would cause me.

How can you look in the mirror and still believe in yourself?

It is not always easy to face a friendship that disappoints you, but we need to deal with these pains. Keep reflecting on this theme with our true friendship quotes.

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