40 messages for big sister that will bring smiles

The partnership that exists between brothers is so strong that it is difficult to compare the love that feels for them with any other.

We select quotes for older sister who demonstrate all the admiration and affection you have for it. Check it out and share all your feeling!

Quotes for older sister with beautiful statements

You are the best friend I have and also my guardian angel. I love you, sister!

my sister, I admire you a lot and I’m grateful to have learned to live with you as an example!

Having an older sister is like having a second mother. Thank you for taking care of me so much!

You are the best sister older someone can want. And much of what I know and I am today, I owe you.

My sister, every step of my growth you have always been present. I can’t imagine life and the world without you by my side.

sister, you helped me learn to walk with my own legs, and to ride without wheels for life. You inspire me. I love you!

I was very lucky to get to the world and have someone as special as you are already waiting for me. You are the best sister that exists!

Thinking about my life since I was born is thinking of you, my sister, since you were always there, present and taking care of me.

sister, you are my greatest example of courage and determination. We will always be together, no matter what happens!

Thanks for the teachings, affection and companionship, my sister!

I grew up with your constant protection and affection and could not have been more special. You are a part of me. I love you, sister!

You are more than my older sister; It is my best friend and we have a union that no one will be able to destroy. I love you!

An older sister is the most precious thing someone can have in life.

having an older sister is like having an eternal friend. You know no matter what you do, it will always be there.

Thank you so much for everything you represent. I thank God for putting next to me the best sister in the world.

sister, the love that unites us is greater than anything!

My confidant, my accomplice, without you I would be nothing.

During my life I have always been able to count on you in moments of joy and also sadness, my sister. This makes our friendship even stronger and more indestructible.

Even far away, our bond is stronger than anything. I love you, my sister!

They say the older sister is the smartest, but just look at mine to realize they are wrong.

Despite all the fights, I’m very lucky to have such an amazing, sincere and good heart sister.

If it wasn’t for you, my sister, life would not have the same joy.

Our connection will be for a lifetime, because without you I can’t live. I love you, sister!

You are so important to me that even if it wasn’t my sister would be my best friend.

sister, the worst and the best we will always walk together on the road of joy.

Never forget that here you will always have someone to support you in all your decisions. I love you, sister!

sister, I love you so much that I am able to guarantee your happiness.

More than an older sister, you are half my heart.

I am very proud to be your sister. Always continue determined, dedicated and loving. You are awesome!

You are the most beautiful and enlightened human being I’ve ever met. I love you, sister!

The best sister in the world is me and soon after is mine.

For you I am able to give my own life, sister.

My sister, it is in you that I find strength to go through all the difficulties of life. You are my greatest example! I love you!

The days are much more beautiful and cheerful when I’m with my sister.

It is so good to have you as a sister and partner of life. You are beautiful inside and out!

You always know everything I need to hear. Thank you, my sister!

I ask God to bless you and take care of you every day, my sister!

I didn’t choose to have you as a sister, but loving you and being your friend was the best choice I’ve ever made.

Today I understand that all your implication is careful of older sister and so I forgive you. I love you!

Side by side or distant miles, sister friends will always be connected by the heart.

Whenever you needed it, it was your sister who was by your side. We have selected quotes for friend sister who will help you recognize how much she cares about you!

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