40 messages about tattoos for those who love to immortalize feelings on their skin

Every tattoo carries a story! Through them, it is possible to eternalize in the skin a moment or feeling that has marked you deeply and will now be printed in you for life! Thus, talking about this art-printed art is critical to reducing prejudice and seeing them as the beautiful honors they are, whether for yourself or not. Check it out and share quotes on tattoo!

Quotes on tattoo that exalt expressing themselves through drawings by the body

The tattoo that marks my body externalizes my soul.

tattoo was not made to be marginalized. It is just a physical and visual form of expressing yourself. There is no harm about it!

Today, tattooing is art, aesthetic, technical. The pigments shape the message we want to convey with the body.

Who gets a tattoo, tattoo a piece of his history on the skin and mark him in the heart.

I carry the reason for my happiness in the flesh. My body is my mural, my tattoos my warnings and I who decide what I should show or not.

My body is like a screen, where I register moments of my story and things in life, drawing new details on me.

With my tattoos, I feel more than I already felt in my life.

Who has prejudice with a 21st century tattooing, is afraid of art.

I don’t need to open your mouth to meet me, just look at my tattoos.

I am deeply connected with each of my tattoos, each of these scribbles is sincerely mine.

It is a phrase that will never go out, it is a drawing that time cannot remove. All that will always be left will be the memories of time that is gone and that all these tattoos will bring.

Through the tattoo, I found my form of expression, I am my picture to exalt the beauty that I am.

tattoo is eternalization in the body of something that is in the heart. It is pure expressionism and identification!

My tattoo will never go out of fashion because it will never go out of fashion.

Tattooing means showing on the skin what hides in the soul.

It is not my fault if you do not have the courage to eternalize moments, because I have. My tattoos speak for themselves.

Don’t judge me for the tattoo you miss.

The feeling of getting a tattoo, discovering and rediscovering it is wonderful.

I like art so much that I decided to make my body an exhibition, full of prints, which only make sense to me.

My body is my diary and my tattoos are my story.

tattoo is always a tribute, whether to yourself, the other person, a moment, or a feeling, something it is worth remembering.

tattoos do not limit me, they just allow me to be who I am.

You can try to get me out of me, but my tattoos will remind me of who I am.

Show me a man with a tattoo and I will show you a man with an interesting past.

Tattoos are a piece of heart outside revealed by the body.

The story of my tattoo also tells about my trajectory in this life.

A tattoo is a statement: that this body is yours to have and enjoy while you are here. No one else can control what you do with it.

Tattoo and let the world see you.

Tattoo attracts and also repels precisely because it is different.

eternis in tattoo a small piece of mine.

If you bother with my tattoo, just don’t do one. I’m not to blame for your lack of courage.

Tattoos made my skin more “me”.

Use your heart on your skin in this life.

My tattoo does not say about my character, but about my personality.

In life, we are constantly marked. I choose to mark with art.

Tattoos Exude pain and pleasure at the same time.

Every time I look at each of my tattoos, a new affection takes over my chest.

tattoos fill the need to register as an individual.

Every tattoo artist is an artist, I propose to be a picture and give it the inspiration.

I admire my tattoos and those of others as true works of art that they are.

To express yourself through drawings is wonderful and eternalize them on the skin is a sign of courage and personality! If you also love other forms of externalization of feelings and moments, check out quotes about art and release the artist who lives inside!

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