40 happy Mother’s Day messages for a friend that will brighten her day

It is so tasty when a friend is living the motherhood to its fullest and you keep having fun and living together. To honor and cultivate this friendship relationship, see below for this beautiful selection with the best Happy Mother’s Day quotes for friend who will show you how much you admire you.

Happy Mother’s Day quotes for friend who will make her feel special

Today, my tribute goes to the best mother and friend in the world: you! Happy Mother’s Day, my dear friend.

Not always being a mother is a sea of ​​roses, but I’m very grateful to have you with me, friend, exuding the perfume and beauty of motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day for us!

All I want is to wish you a beautiful day for you, my dear friend and wonderful mom. May you receive all the love in the world, today and always!

I would like to be there with you today, my friend. But I know the children will fill you with love, just as I would do if I were with you. Happy Mother’s Day!

I admire your affection and lightness so much with the children. They are lucky to have you as a mother, and I’m lucky to have you as a friend. Happy Mother’s Day!

In addition to my best friend, you are also an excellent mother and wife. I hope you get all the affection of the world on this special day. I want to meet you again soon!

When you became a mother, your world flourished, friend. Congratulations on Mother’s Day and for being such an amazing person.

Happy Mother’s Day for the most cheerful and funny in this world! I see firsthand how light you are to children and your family. Love you friend! You are an example.

Do you know how loved you as a mother and friend? You are very, my partner! Happy Mother’s Day for one of the most cool moms I know.

Friend, this is your first Mother’s Day and I hope it is special. Get my affection from afar and enjoy a lot with your family.

Friend, you were always an amazing and brave woman, which is why I was always sure you would rock as a mother. Enjoy your day and let yourself be spoiled. You deserve it!

May your family always be your safe haven and that you don’t forget that I’m here for you as a sister. Count on me, friend. Happy Mother’s Day!

If you didn’t exist, I and I would invent you! Happy Mother’s Day for the most fun and wise mom in this world – you, friend!

Friend, you don’t have to have all the answers at the tip of your tongue and you don’t have to deprive yourself of anything. You are an excellent mother, the way you are. Enjoy this Mother’s Day!

Dear friend, you are light for everyone around you. As a mother, it’s shelter and joy. As a friend, it’s true and affection. In all your roles, you shine. Happy Mother’s Day!

Not all the flowers of the world would translate their serenity and sweetness, my dear friend. Happy Mother’s Day!

If it was luck or destination, I don’t know. I just know that being a mother beside her was a gift. We both go through all this together and today we also celebrate together. Happy Mother’s Day for us, friend!

friend, being a mother with you is much more fun. Happy Mother’s Day for us, my life partner!

When I’m a mother, I want to be a mother like you. Happy Mother’s Day, my friend! You deserve all the love of this world.

On this Mother’s Day, I want to congratulate the most amazing mom of all the galaxies. You rock, friend!

In addition to excellent mother, you are a wonderful friend, you know? May all the love in the world come to you today, my partner!

All the love in the world to the most wonderful mother and friend on the planet. Happy Mother’s Day, partner!

have your children said how amazing you are? No? So I need to say: You are admirable, friend! As a mother, as a person. Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day for an amazing mother, sweet friend and wonderful person!

friend, I always knew you would be a wonderful mother. After all, sweet people like you are always. Happy Mother’s Day!

wishing you a Mother’s Day full of peace, love and happiness, friend! You deserve it.

As good as being a mother, it is being a mother with you. Happy Mother’s Day for you who do everything much more fun and light, friend!

I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! You deserve all the best in the world as a mother and woman.

I need to wish a happy Mother’s Day for one of the best mothers I know. Somehow, you do one of the most difficult works in the world seem easy.

If you don’t know, you’re doing amazing job like mom. Happy Mother’s Day, my dear friend!

The way you take care and love your children is beautiful and admirable. I hope you get a lot of kisses and hugs on this Mother’s Day, friend!

Happy Mother’s Day for a spectacular mother and admirable friend!

You are a sensational mother. You are a sensational friend. My God, you are sensational. Happy Mother’s Day, friend!

Happy Mother’s Day for all my wonderful mothers and friends!

Children may not enjoy all your work now, but one day they will look back and thank you for everything. Happy Mother’s Day for my dear friends!

A strong love than anything, more obstinate than anything, more lasting than all, is only the love of mother. Happy Mother’s Day, friend!

Friend, you are the purity of love for me and your family. Happy Mother’s Day!

Friend, you are certainly the heroine your child deserves to have. Happy Mother’s Day for you!

You teach by example and unconditional love. Happy Mother’s Day to this friend who inspires the best feelings!

Friend, your mother’s love is the fuel that enables your children to do the impossible. Congratulations on being an amazing mother!

After choosing the phrase that fits the most in this relationship, just send with love and honor your dear mom. And if you want to raise it even more, see also quotes for Mother who use the most beautiful words!

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