40 country messages for those who are from the countryside and are proud of it

If you are from the fields, you like the simple life and know the value that the field deserves, will identify with the best redneck quotes below. Check it out and share your pride for your origins and everything that involves your lifestyle… and still celebrates the best popular party in Brazil, the June party!

Funny Capiras Citations

Here in my world, everything is cooler because everything has a good taste of good life.

Says the saying that “slowly goes far”, so I like the simple life of the field at a slow pace. If I wanted to win marathon was in the rush of the city.

The party here is always lively. After all, there is no shortage of food and the cachaça.

I doubt you see a person who lives in the agreed field late. We don’t have a pique for that, no.

Caipira knows what is good, so invented the June party.

Like the animals, we play even the perch and sleep early to start living this simple life in the first ray of sunshine.

The train is too good here on the site because the only noise you hear is that of nature.

I like to be a redneck and stay away from this crazy people who don’t know how to differentiate a animal.

From afar, we know who is redneck and who is from the city because the city always scare when they see an insect.

I do not change my meek life from the site for the corres of the city, but even the tussian cow.

Capidal Citations of the Roça

Here in the fields there is no bad time. With anything simple, we are happy.

I’m from the fields and I’m very proud to be the place that provides fresh food on people’s table.

Here in the garden we believe that everything that is good can make it and, thus, we live.

We like the simplicity of life, so we don’t get out of the garden at all.

Food of the fields seems a tight hug in our stomach.

Never lack faith and courage for us who live in the fields and we know that happiness is here.

I was born in the fields and never wanted to leave. Here nature is close, we are happy and know how to have fun.

I may not know how to speak very right, but I know that life in the fields is very myó than the city.

this is a business to live in the fields and enjoy a fresh breeze in the late afternoon.

When you see a sunset in the fields, you will want to drop the city and come to live here.

Capece quotes for June party

Hey the party will start and I don’t want to see anyone standing when the gang touches.

Today is a day to be chic in the last because it is June party day!

My caipirinha can be ready that I’m going through for us to enjoy a São João!

We may even tripate, but it doesn’t stop dancing gang until the song is over.

It’s too good, just! It’s St. John’s Party and Nóis is ready to Farrear.

Let’s drag the slippers because the June party has just started.

The ball in the fields will be until the sun ratt and there will be no shortage of good food to want to fill the paunch.

Do you know what will happen today? This memo, a lot of music for us to drag the slippers until the sun rises.

I like to eat, to dance my caipirinha to give a show at the June party.

St. John will start and everyone will dance, cumer, have fun until the sun rises.

Capera Quotes for Photos

What a simple little life, what a good little life, it’s just me and God.

I’m free like a stream, I’m a bug of the bush, I’m proud to be rustic.

a hillbilly angel, who explains, I went to heaven and didn’t even get out of the ground.

Caipira is born hillbilly, nature does not deny. Caboclo which is caboclo, does not live in a rock jungle.

woman to win me, she has to like my rustic way.

of the chest sprouts this country passion.

I am a country man, just like pyrilampo and so I stamp in my song.

I am a hillbilly, pyre, Pora … Our Lady of Aparecida illuminates the dark mine and founds the train of my life.

I was born there in the fields and created myself in the bush, in the old system of the hillbilly.

I already lived in town, but I couldn’t be happy. I lived back in the bush where my root is.

Nothing better than being proud of who you are, right? To continue enjoying a good party until the sun rats, check out June party quotes and have fun to the sound of the gang!

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