40 cachaça messages for card-carrying cachaça drinkers

Cachaça is a typically Brazilian drink that can be consumed pure or in drinks. There are several types, but they are all loaded with joy after that tiring and deserved day. If you are a fan of the drink usually made by the fermentation of sugar cane, you will love these cachaça quotes. Check it out and get a dose while you read and have fun!

Cachaça quotes to read while preparing a caipirinha

Cachaça does not judge, each sip of it shows how understanding it is with my feelings.

For the day to be good, I just need cachaça, sugar and lemon.

I would like to be as inspired as the one who decided to mix cachaça with sugar and lemon and create the caipirinha.

There are no shy people. There are people who did not take the right amount of cachaça.

With each new sip of cachaça, a new poet comes inside me.

The hangover heals taking more cachaça. So I never stopped drinking.

You have to appreciate the effect of cachaça on the body, it makes me see in a new, half -blurred way that makes life more beautiful.

The problem is that I don’t know how to dose just cachaça.

If you have cachaça, the company is good even when you don’t know the person.

life is bitter, cachaça is sweet close to problems.

The magic of cachaça is to get into the body and make all the problems disappear.

I don’t need love, I already have the cachaça.

Cachaça is my company in all hours, she knows more about my life than a lot of people.

Cachaceiro’s prayer is always to take care of the liver, the organ that works most in the whole body.

Cachaça has water color, so no one will find out if I decide to drink at breakfast.

Cachaça is like a serum of truth. Just go to us to say what is in the heart.

I drink cachaça when I’m sad, I drink when I’m happy. She is my true companion for all hours.

cachaça heats up in the cold and winter, just put a gel that she refreshes.

To take cachaça, it needs to be strong and cannot scowl.

I became a great cachaça connoisseur and take a different every day to increase my repertoire.

They say cachaça is good for digestion, so I take a dose after each meal as a beautiful medicine.

I invest in friendships that share cachaça doses with me, because these are the true.

Cachaça for already hot, but in the drink is the eighth wonder of the world.

every self -respecting Brazilian knows that the true caipirinha is made of cachaça.

I discovered a new taste of happiness when I cut a pineapple, put lemon zest, coarse salt and cachaça.

I really like fruit, especially when there is cachaça together.

The best poets are those who write under the effect of cachaça.

Don’t treat as a handcrafted cachaça who treats you as a market drip.

Coffee is great to wake up, but I doubt you want to sleep after having a dose of cachaça, fuel for good ideas!

I am free from all diseases because I sterilize my body internally with cachaça.

The best bad mood medicine is a cachaça dose accompanied by friends.

I test my skills by mixing fruits with ice and cachaça and creating drinks that work.

If it works, we kiss, if it doesn’t work, we drink cachaça.

We make a friend taking cachaça, not taking juice.

To support everything that happens around me, I need cachaça, otherwise I spend all day crying.

We are released after taking cachaça because it has the magic to make us confident.

I said I would drink just a little cachaça, now I’m here, trying to remember what happened because I forgot everything.

Cachaça is anesthesia to support the problems that seem to be bigger than us.

No one is really healthy without taking a little cachaça.

cachaça is magical, it makes us forget all the shame we passed when it was under the purpose of it.

Now just take a dose to be happy, right? And to enjoy and drink other drinks as wonderful as, see also these drink quotes and share with friends!

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