40 Aquarius quotes with all the personality of the sign | messages, wishes and quotes

Do you know anyone from Aquarius? This is a sign of eccentric, humanitarian and idealistic people who can change the world. Check out our curation of Aquarius quotes and learn more about the characteristics of this Air sign!

Aquarius quotes with all the originality of the sign

I seek myself through fraternity.

I don’t have everything I love, but I don’t care about possessions!

It is not enough to have been good when you leave the world. We need to leave a better world.

Aquarians are stubborn, they will always want to come out on top and show that they know everything!

Aquarius is always looking for a way to make the world a better place and loves receiving praise for it!

Yes, my strength is in solitude. I am not afraid of stormy rains, nor of great gales, for I am also the dark of the night.

Aquarius is the sign of the unpredictable, of those who have disconcerting attitudes towards the expectations of others.

Aquarians are the ones who are most prepared to deal with the unexpected, as they know that the impossible happens much more than one might think.

Aquarius is the restless being. It’s wanting to say too much and choking on too many words. It’s feeling like you were born in the wrong time. It’s inventing a lot for fear of destroying everything.

The greatest freedom of human beings is being able to have a heart free from hate and hurt.

It’s not easy and it never will be. You have to chase, fall and get up, until you conquer!

No one can feel that they have failed in their mission in this world if they have lightened someone else’s burden.

Value those who value you, because the rest only look for you when they need you.

But don’t forget! Aquarians are scientists and will be analyzing and observing you all the time. And you won’t even notice!

Aquarians are up to date and are always ahead of new fashions. If he says it’s good and will catch on, you can be sure it will happen!

Ah, Aquarius has humor, an internal madness and a detachment from convention that is not calculated.

The Aquarian mind sees reality in a genuinely original way.

The Aquarian mind sees what has not yet happened, but could very well happen.

Before you speak, listen. Before reacting, think. Before criticizing, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you give up, try!

Do you want to have friends? Look in good books: they are true friends, who do not flatter or dissemble.

Aquarians, because they have a challenging spirit, can behave rebelliously.

People with an original look, anarchist ideas, people who change the course of history are Aquarius.

Aquarius has a vibrant intellectuality, they are curious, scientists, they love to analyze things, facts, theorize about something or show a side of the issue that has not yet been explored.

I’m a fan of attitudes. If I don’t see them, I don’t believe them. After all, apparently everyone is what they want.

Most people think with sensitivity. I feel with the thought.

Humanitarianism and altruism are doctrines that are part of the qualities of Aquarius.

Aquarians love in a jovial and devoid of jealousy way, they like people with whom they can exchange ideas and enjoy long conversations.

I don’t want to have the terrible limitation of those who live only on what can make sense. Not me: I want an invented truth.

When I say, “I trust you,” feel important.

Everything you do, one day comes back to you, and if you do evil, you will have to live with evil later.

Life is an echo, you receive what you emit.

I wish that at least once, the simplest thing would be seen as the most important thing.

I don’t say everything I know, but I know everything I say.

Aquarian love is much more serious and lasting, always based on friendship.

If it’s not too much to ask, don’t be too little.

I never give up on something before breaking down.

Aquarius is a sincere, free, creative and critical person as well.

Aquarius is the Zodiac’s best friend. Loyal, honorable, someone you can truly trust.

The biggest defects of an Aquarius are pride, unpredictability and the tendency to contradict.

For Aquarius, friendship means more than love.

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