35 messages of promises from God to reaffirm faith in your heart

In a world full of contradictions and changes, trusting promises is delicate. However, when you have faith and fear of the Creator, promises become the driving valve of life. We have selected these fervent citations of God’s promises to rekindle their hope and devotion to the one who will never fail to fulfill the Word. Come check it out!

Quotes of God’s promises full of hope and devotion to divine planes

I believe in God’s promises, I believe in my Lord’s promises. If I’m faithful in little, he will trust me more. If I’m faithful in little, my steps will guide.

God of covenant, God of promises, God who is not a man to lie. Everything can pass, everything can change, but your word will be fulfilled.

God is not a man to lie, nor someone to repent. Have you ever promised without fulfilling? Did you happen to speak and didn’t run?

Only I know the plans I have for you: prosperity and does not disgrace and a future full of hope. It’s me, the Lord, who is speaking.

You can try to control everything around you, but what guides your life is the promise of the Lord.

And what Christ Himself promised to give us all was this: eternal life.

Why wear out with so many concerns? God’s promise for your life already exists long before your birth!

All human beings are like the grass of the field, and their greatness is like the flower of the herb. The dry herb, and the flower falls, but the word of the Lord lasts forever.

Yes, God is faithful to fulfill every word said to me.

God’s will is good, perfect and pleasant, and his promise will never be fulfilled. Trust! In the proper time, it will happen.

My God is God of miracles, God of promises, way in the desert, light in darkness … My God, this is who you are.

Your word will be fulfilled, your promise will not be long. I know who I have believed, and I know you are faithful.

I believe in God’s promises, because I know that he will never forsake me!

God has so much extraordinary thing to accomplish in your life, have so many dreams to realize, promises to fulfill and beautiful surprises to happen. Be strong and do not lose the faith!

And my God, according to the glorious riches He has to offer through Christ Jesus, will give them everything you need.

My faith is firm in the rock and my plans under the will of God. I know his promise will be fulfilled!

My God made me promises, he does not forget what he promised … It is his pleasure to fulfill everything he says.

When we learn to believe God’s promise to our lives, we gain strength to overcome any obstacle.

You may not understand now, but God has promise to your life!

Tomorrow will come and my faith will be rewarded … My God does not fail.

The great promise God has prepared for me, not even the most fertile of imaginations can predict.

By recognizing the greatness of God, we learn to reassure our hearts and leave everything in Him.

If God promised you a blessing my brother, He did not forget you.

Father, renew in me hope in your word and revive my yearning to live your promise.

The guardian of my promise is God. I can do nothing but thank, obey and trust!

I know I’m not alone and what they say about me can’t be frustrated. Come in my favor, and fulfill your will. The god of the impossible did not give up on me. Your right hand holds me and makes me prevail.

I keep firm in faith, hoping that my promise is about to arrive. I can feel the act of God!

God’s promise is covered with His Word, and His Word never backwards. Our role is to adjust to the ways of the Lord, embrace the cross without looking back and trusting his action at the moment he pleads to him.

The Lord is faithful in all his promises and is kind in everything he does.

Just as God had promise to Abraham, Joseph, David and Daniel, and fulfilled it, I believe he has one for my life as well and will be realized.

Faith makes us rest in the arms of a merciful father who has unimaginable promises to keep in our lives.

of all the good promises of chessever to the nation of Israel, none of them failed; All were fulfilled.

When I learned that the captain of my life was God, I let go of Timon and let him guide me to the promise.

My dear friends, all these promises are for us. Therefore let us purify ourselves from all that makes our body and our soul impure. And fearing God, we live a life completely dedicated to Him.

In you, God, I can rest in peace … I trust your promise!

believing that God has the best for you, it can’t always be an easy task. Therefore, the importance of maintaining a relationship with him and feeding on his word. Check out these biblical quotes of hope, they will surely help you keep the faith!

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