35 messages about victimism to reflect on the excuses you make

There are people unable to assume that they have made a mistake or who are responsible for something that did not work out in your life. At these times, it finds it easier to make a victim and get the empathy of people with lies. To reflect on the importance of taking responsibility, check out the best quotes on victimism and send immaturity away from you.

Quotes on victimism that talks about taking responsibility for their actions

There is no greater sign of cowardice than escaping responsibilities and not to blame for what you did.

There are people so manipulative that they can get through victims when they are the villains.

Vitimism is something who is not able to be responsible for what he says, nor for what he does.

A person who uses victimism reveals that, in fact, he acts on his interests to manipulate the others to get what he wants.

dishonesty is accompanied by victimism and lack of character.

Keep your victimism and excuses and take responsibility for the things you do. This is the recipe for actually maturing!

Lack of maturity is what leads people to make a victim in the most diverse situations.

It is tiring to live with dramatic people who make a victim all the time.

I learned that victimism does not lead anywhere, so I take responsibility for all my actions. This is how you mature!

There are people who don’t even know what to do if you need to recognize that you have been wrong. You are so used to pretending to be a victim that you are unaware of another way to face life.

When making a victim, you start to put your energy in the wrong place and are unable to get out of this exaggerated victimism.

It is the debauchery that helps differentiate who is a real victim and who just pretends.

If you make a victim you have no forgiveness, because you abuse people’s goodwill for your own good.

Every person who makes a victim is disguised in essence.

Victim role does not match you. Assume, you play the villain who can’t afford what you did.

Vitimism drives people away and, in the end, you end up alone and discredited.

Escaping responsibilities is the greatest proof that one does not value your life seriously.

Your choices are your fault and not the others. Stop making a victim and take responsibility for your life.

Some people are really victims. Others are just wanting to win something pretending to have been harmed.

There are people who choose to continue making a victim because it is easier to blame someone than to look at their own mistakes.

Vitimism arises when the person was never taught to be responsible for their choices and outsource functions in their life.

When character is weak, victimism presents itself as a misleading shortcut to win in life.

It takes maturity to assume that you were wrong, it is guilty. Some people simply did not reach this degree of sincerity.

The excuses are the weapons of victimism.

The problem is that there are people who fall and continue to host this performance of pretending to be a victim.

take responsibility for our actions, with courage and disposition, puts us in favor of life and it supports us.

It is easy to escape the responsibilities. It is difficult to escape the consequences for getting rid of them.

Whoever makes a victim is selfish to the point that someone else gets to blame in their place.

Who makes a victim does not seek help, looking for allies.

What is your responsibility in the disorder you complain about?

Those who play dirty are victim because they know they earn something from it.

There are no innocents. Only different degrees of responsibility.

will say it’s victimism, a joke I’m trying to laugh for years and I don’t find it funny.

arrested in his navel-mando, all around is blind point, pure victimism.

To make yourself a victim is to stop learning lessons from life and discovering your strength to overcome yourself.

That the person can touch and stop playing this ugly role they are playing. To reflect even more about your own actions, check out citations of responsibility and try to comply with your word.

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