35 messages about perfumes that exude the fragrance of affection

How many times were you unnoticed, smelled a specific smell and was transported to a special place? The aromas give a touch of charm in life, create memories and eternalize moments. Just a few sprinkles of your favorite fragrance for you to tell a story written in essences. We have selected beautiful quotes on perfumes that will arouse beautiful memories in you. Check it out and share!


In each perfume, there is a story to be told and memories to be eternalized. Fragrances transport us to other times and other spaces. Exhale and spread your aroma in the world!

It’s amazing how in such a small bottle can fit so much love and memory. Perfumes are fragrance -shaped hugs that transport us to the warmth of someone special!

For sad nights, a few drops of jasmine. To calm the pain, exude chamomile or lavender. Already on cold days, nothing better than the smell of cinnamon spread throughout the house. With perfume, life is more beautiful and cozy!

perfume is a personal signature. Often, clothing and accessories go unnoticed, but their fragrance is always impregnated in the memory of those who pass through you. Exhale Confidence!

Choose your perfume with wisdom, affection and dedication, for it will be your essence shining in the world. Leave your scent wherever you go and mark people’s lives.

In dawn, open the window, inspire the aroma of the dawn, the smell of flowers and dew. Pass a fresh coffee and let the warmth fragrance wrap you. The best perfumes are those extracted from nature.

By touching someone’s life, be it as a perfume! It is delicious to receive a hug and smell the other person on our skin. The affection offered accompanies us and snuggles for the rest of the day.

There are no people who do not like perfumes, there are people who have not yet found their perfect fragrance. For each personality, each feeling and every moment, there is an ideal aroma.

When your perfume mixes with mine, a beautiful alchemy happens in my heart and the most perfect of all the aromas surrounds me: the fragrance of love. You are the essence that was missing in my life.

Just as incense needs to go through fire to exhale your perfume, we often need to let the pain burn inside to find healing and exhale liberation and growth!

Life is full of fragrances, we just need to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy the perfumes that nature has to offer us. Learn to extract beauty from the simplest things.

How to forget you if everything reminds me of you? Your perfume on my pillow is the sweetest missing a love without completion. Come back, I want your smell forever in me, our story deserves a happy ending.

perfume is poetry in vial. Each drop is a verse that harmonizes, creates images, arouses feelings, eternalizes memories and describes life in stanzas full of emotions.

There are perfumes that are not just in clothes, exude in memory and overflow in the heart. Forever your smell went to me.

The essence of love is like a perfume: it cannot be captured, it is invisible to the eyes, but it shines in a loving hug and the unique smell of someone who has become eternal in our hearts.

Perfume is the language of our essence. It communicates feelings, transmits vibrations and expresses, in aroma, what words themselves are not able to say.

A flower without perfume, is not a flower, it is just a stem full of sadness petals. The same goes for life. Without the fragrance of joy and hope, life becomes a meaningless existence.

I like sweeter perfumes, as they are like loving hugs that surround our bitterness and sadness and transform our mood. That there is always sweetness in the world!

It is very special to recognize the scent of a dear person. Even between a crowd, I know when you approach. Even if they offered me the rarest fragrance in the world, I would prefer your smell.

The best perfumes are not always the most expensive. Sometimes the best fragrance is in the simplicity of the feeling we put in the aroma. The only value that matters is the value of the heart.

Its perfume is light as the breeze, smooth as the pluma and intense to the right measure of love. When your fragrance surrounds me, I feel that, in your hug, it fits a passion and my heart overflows with joy.

Perfume is like music for the soul, each drop is a note that involves fragrances and turns into melody. Where to pass, leave the aroma of happiness and touch people’s lives a symphony of affection.

In the morning, the green smell of the moving nature mixes with the aroma of a fresh coffee and makes my soul float. That we always have time to appreciate the beauties of life!

We have not only one personality, we are infinite. So I like to vary in perfumes, for every mood, a different fragrance.

What enchants me in perfumes is that many people can use the same, but one aroma is never identical to the other. Each being is singular, it is the mixture of the fragrance with its personal touch.

In the aromas diffuser, put a few drops of lavender mixed with water, prepare a cozy little place, close your eyes, take a deep breath and let the perfume of tranquility involve your soul and replace your energies.

Special people never die, they turn into eternal fragrances in our hearts and can be felt in a breeze, the perfume of flowers and the sweet smell of memory.

Essential oils are like anointing for the soul. The cure that comes from nature and perfumes our lives. By extracting the essence of a plant, have faith in the heart and the plant will return you with fragrance and renewal.

That every morning the flowers of the flowers defeat our rush. May the aroma of a homemade food be present in our meals. May our life be involved in the mild and sweet perfume.

There are aromas that transport us to the best places. The bay cooked beans have a smell of mother food. And the cornmeal cake has smell and warmth of grandmother’s hug.

Is there anything hotter than smell of baby? Perfume that overflows sweetness in our hearts and suddenly we are melting so much love.

If we leave a flask of open perfume, its fragrance evaporates and disappears in the wind. In life, feelings are like fragrances: if we do not take care with love, they disappear and cannot be recovered.

May your soul be a mixture of aromatic herbs: rosemary, for lightness; Arruda, for protection; and basil, to attract good energy. May all those who pass through you feel your spiritual perfume.

I love to smell the most diverse fragrances, but there are people who do not pass perfume, take a bath of aromas. It’s nauseating, gives a headache. Every exaggeration breaks the charm.

Perfumes are infusions that stimulate our good energies. Nothing is better than a few drops of your favorite fragrance to fill you with courage and confidence.

May your life be entirely fragrant by the most beautiful fragrances. And if you love the aroma of flowers, you can’t fail to check out spring quotes, the most smelling season of the year. Share and spread joy.

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