35 good night messages for a friend that will make her sleep happier

Ending the day talking to those we love is a great privilege. Therefore, these good night quotes are perfect to express your love and thanks. Those who have a real partner should value and these words of affection will reinforce this unique feeling. Check it out below!

Good night quotes to friend who bring peace and demonstrate their love

I don’t know what your day will be like tomorrow, but sleep knowing that you have a true friendship. Good night, friend!

Good night, friend! That you can dream of all your desires to come true.

Even if I’m far away, my love will find you. Good night, friend!

Today, before bed, I will thank you for your life. God has beautiful plans for you! Good night, friend.

Every day is a new chance to start over. Don’t give up on your goals, everything will be all right. Good night, friend!

True friends are like treasures. It’s not easy to find, but when it happens, we find that we have a rare jewel. Good night, friend!

Good night, friend! Trust God’s plans and move on. Good things will happen!

We are sisters of different mothers. Our connection is surreal! Good night, friend.

Good night, friend! Have you ever wondered how much we complete? Glad to know that you exist.

We are together for whatever comes and comes. This is my greatest certainty! Good night, friend!

Our saint did not hit, he overturned! Good night, friend.

Sometimes, all we need is a good night’s sleep. Rest and sleep in peace. Good night, friend.

May your sleep be quiet and the angels protect you. God takes care of everything. Good night, friend!

I was here thinking, how hard it is to find real people, but I know you are one of them. Good night, friend!

Never change your way of being. This is what makes you amazing and unique. Good night friend! You are wonderful.

You are crazy, but it is my crazy. I don’t change you or share. Good night, friend!

We will still laugh a lot in the future. It’s great to have stories to tell. Good night, friend!

When I feel lost, I know just talk to you that I will find the right answer. Thank you for being my voice of reason. Good night, friend!

I can’t wait to see you, our friendship makes me very happy. Good night, friend!

Good night, friend! For everything and remember that I love you so much.

Friendship is not measured by time, but by our connection. I feel that I know you from another life. Good night, friend!

Good night, friend! Your happiness is mine too. I cheer for you a lot!

Relax the head on the pillow and sleep with the angels. That tonight renew your energies. Good night, friend!

There is someone who will never disappoint you. Always count on me! Good night, friend.

“Friendship is a love that never dies.” I saw this phrase from Mario Quintana and remembered you. Good night, friend!

have you ever stopped to think that we are very lucky to have each other? You make Me Feel very well. Good night, friend!

My biggest consolation is knowing that even if everything goes wrong, at the end of the day I have a shoulder to cry. Good night friend! Thank you for everything.

You are the family I chose. Thank you for being part of my life. I love you! Good night, friend.

Good night, friend! Passing here to remember that you will never be alone again. Don’t let you go at all!

I’m happy to lie my head on the pillow and know that I have someone like you by my side. Good night, friend!

Tomorrow will be a beautiful day. And if not, I’ll be here the same way. Good night, friend!

When someone hurts you, I hope my love can soften the pain or heal you. I always want you well! Good night, friend.

Leave the problems for tomorrow. Sleep well to renew the energies. Good night, friend!

Good night, friend! Even if we don’t talk about so much, your space in my heart is always guaranteed.

I can’t protect you from everything, but I can be your comfort on difficult days. Good night, friend!

Before bed, it’s always good to read positive words, especially whom we admire. With the rush and everyday appointments, it is sometimes difficult to find friends in person. So, see this selection of friendship quotes for Whatsapp that are perfect for expressing your love virtually.

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