35 blessed Sunday messages for a day full of joy

Sunday is a day to rest, enjoy the family, friends and live moments of great happiness. All of this gets even better with the blessings of the Lord and a lot of gratitude. To spread this feeling of grace and have a day full of joy, we made a selection of blessed Sunday quotes. Check it out and share with who you love!

Blessed Sunday quotes to enjoy the day with lightness

May the Lord bless our Sunday and fill our hearts with all your light!

Dear friend, may your Sunday be blessed and may you recharge your energy to start a new week!

I feel this will be a blessed Sunday and full of good things!

A blessed and joyful Sunday for all of us. May it never lack light and happiness in our ways!

Use this rest day to enjoy your family, do what you like and be very happy. Have a blessed Sunday!

May your day be full of joy and miracles can be fulfilled in your life. Have a blessed Sunday!

A family Sunday is a truly blessed Sunday!

Sunday is a blessed day where we can go to the house of the Lord and thank you for all the wonders He does in our lives!

Another blessed Sunday that begins. Thank you Lord for the gift of life and for always being by my side!

Nothing in this world is greater than God’s love for us. Trust it and have a blessed Sunday!

Enjoy today to rest, recharge your energies, have fun with your family and thank you for the week that will start. Have a blessed Sunday!

Thank you for the past week and ask God to give you the strength to start the new week coming. Have a blessed Sunday!

May your Sunday be light, beautiful, full of smiles and blessings!

Happiness always smiles to those who have a heart free of evil and open for good. Have a blessed Sunday!

Enjoy the week to start and become your best version. Have a blessed Sunday!

May God give us your peace and allow us to have a blessed and cheerful Sunday!

Leave the hurts of the past, live the present with intensity and open to the future. A blessed Sunday!

Choose to be happy every day and spread this joy everywhere where to pass. Have a blessed Sunday!

I faithfully believe this Sunday will be blessed and full of good surprises!

Sunday is a day of communion with Christ. Day to ask him to bless us and forgive us of our faults.

That this Sunday God sheds your blessings and your peace in the lives of all of us!

God’s love makes our heart overflow happiness and transforms our lives for the better. Have a blessed Sunday!

I hope you have a blessed Sunday and may have a good rest.

I wish you and everyone in your family a blessed Sunday and stuffed with joy!

May your Sunday be blessed and full of faith!

Enjoy this day and be happy in every minute. Have a blessed Sunday!

Have a happy, harmonious, blessed and unforgettable Sunday!

Happiness is present even in the smallest and simpler things in life. Have all a blessed Sunday!

May God bless your Sunday and keep you from all the evil that can cross your way.

May God bless your Sunday and grant you the necessary rest to start the new week to come.

May the Lord’s blessings be spilled in your life this beautiful Sunday morning.

I just passed you to wish you a good day and ask God to bless your Sunday.

Have a saint and blessed Sunday!

May the love of God bless your Sunday and grant you moments of pure happiness!

Never give up trying again. God gives us a new chance every day. Have a blessed Sunday!

For those who have faith, to speak of God and spread their word everywhere is a proof of love to Him, so we made a selection of quotes from God for status. Check it out and show your friends from social networks how precious of the Lord are precious.

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