30 Terminated Pregnancy Messages That Ease the Pain of Your Loss

What a difficult time to lose a child who was developing in his belly. There are so many dreams that now are left behind and a pain invades your heart that you can’t explain. To bring you a little comfort at this time, check out interrupted pregnancy quotes and say how your feelings are.

Interrupted pregnancy quotes that help in healing this pain

I lost a piece of mine, someone I had not known my face, but already loved so much. I will never forget you, my son!

My dreams left with you. I lost my baby and lost the life we ​​could live, but it is certain that love sense remains. Wherever you are, I will always be your mother.

It is not easy to go through this moment and feel it was so short. My heart will be marked by memories the first time I felt in me.

I felt I was alone when I lost my baby, because my company of every second was no longer with me.

My body decided it could no longer be your home. It is not easy to live with this sensation and I try to cling to the will of God, well, which called you anytime soon, but lived enough to have transformed my life!

It seems that people cannot understand the size of my loss. I still didn’t know you, we had lived little together, but our future was taken us, my baby. I will never stop being a mother.

Perhaps time will help me overcome the loss of my baby. For now, it is the most painful moment that a mother can pass.

I am the mother of a child who has not been born, but who was here in God’s time to teach me to love. Know that I will love you forever, my baby.

Thanks to all who are by my side giving me strength. My womb no longer houses my baby, but it will always be a place of love.

My little little angel, may God receive you with love and tell you that you would be very loved if you had continued here.

It’s been a short time since I lost my baby and our family is still trying to assimilate the pain … and how do you hurt to have the dream of life we ​​would have interrupted!

I prepared to love you and now I’m full of love in my heart, but without my baby to share it. I ask God for the grace of not closing myself to life and making this loss a lesson about love. Mourning!

My angel lived a short time inside me and taught me that I can love more and be stronger. I will love you forever, my baby.

I dreamed of you all my life, but in my dreams, our end was happy. Where are you, my baby, know that I will love you forever.

In the beginning, everything was beautiful and perfect for your arrival. It was suddenly the plans changed and you left. My little angel returned to the sky too early leaving missing.

I’m not weak, I’m very strong, but it wasn’t our time, my baby. God has other plans for us and you needed to leave.

I enjoyed as much as I could of your presence, but the feeling that it could have been more will be left. Rest in peace, my baby.

Today, it hurts to remember the times you kicked inside me and filled me with joy. What a pain to lose my baby that I waited so much. May the longing become sweet memory instead of weighing!

One day this pain will pass and I will remember the discovery that you would miss and not sadly. Goodbye, my baby!

I understand that I am a fortress because only then to support the pain of losing my growing baby inside me.

I miss someone that I never knew my face, but I connected in a surreal way. My baby, I will love you forever.

Plans did not come out as I dreamed. I lost you very much before I got used to your coming. What a pain to tell you goodbye so soon.

Your loss was the worst moment of my life. I will always try to remember the joys that provided me when I found out that you were coming. I’m sure I learned more about love just waiting for your arrival.

Just trusting God to endure you lose you, my baby. Your place will always be filled with love in my heart.

No mother should go through this. What an endless sadness I’m living with the loss of my baby. Rest in peace, my little one.

The feeling is that the light that lit on me a few months ago, went out and took a piece of mine away. I’m mourning for my baby.

I lost my baby before I could hold him and say that I love him looking into his eyes. Life seems so unfair right now. Mourning!

You have been with me for a short time, but you have taught me such a great love. May God receive you, my baby!

It was to be celebrating your arrival, but I’m crying your departure. What a pain say goodbye, my baby!

You were the best chapter of my story, but it lasted much less than I would like, my baby. Rest in peace!

Gradually, your heart is finding peace and comfort. And when he squeezes his baby’s lack, see quotes of missing those who died and express his pain!

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