30 poem messages about time that will raise many reflections

The passage of time saves no one: rich, poor, man or woman. He is there and all we can do is accept it. If you catch yourself making reflections on all this, then this list with the best poem quotes about time is for you! Enjoy reading and sharing with all your contacts!

Poems quotes about the time they will leave you thinking about your passage

Ah, whenever you dream something you have the age of time when we dream of it: I forgot the future.

Time dries beauty, it dries love, dries the words. Leaves everything loose, light, forever disunited like sands in the waters.

I also know that time will be my friend for these things in life. With courage I follow, at this speed that I do not fear, not even dare to be happy.

time. Thing that has just left the dear reader a little older when it reaches the end of this line.

Time dries the desire and its old battles. Dries the fragile arabesque, trace of the human moss, in the dense mortuary peat.

We are all enrolled in the school of life, where the master is time.

In an average life of 50 years, 80 to 100 days are employed by men only in the act of shaving. It is ignored what women do with this time.

Living itself is to die, because we do not have one more day in our lives that we do not have, in it, one day less in it.

The fiercest of domestic animals is the wall clock: I know one that has already devoured three generations of my family.

A wedding does not last the time of our day. A marriage, the result of true feeling, does not know what is time has the essence of eternity. Lasts beyond life!

No, time, won’t mockery of my changes! The pyramids you have built again. They do not seem new to me, nor strange; just the same with new clothing.

I am that woman whom the time taught a lot. He taught to love life and not give up the fight, start over in defeat, renounce negative words and thoughts. Believe in human values ​​and be optimistic!

They say time softens. This is lacking with the truth. Real pain strengthens, like the muscles, with age.

A time comes when you don’t say anymore: my God. Time of absolute clearance. Time when you don’t say anymore: my love. Because love resulted useless and the eyes do not cry. And the hands weave only the rude work. And the heart is dry.

There is a portrait of water and brokenness, which has broken from this memory from the bottom, and all that is Rio opens in the corner that tells from the portrait the old story.

I’ll tell you a big secret, my dear. Do not wait for the final judgment. He takes place every day.

love me. It’s still time. Question me and I will tell you that our time is now.

It is a test in suffering. But it would not be broken. If time were medicine no evil would exist.

A time has come when it is no use dying. A time has come when life is an order. Life only, without mystification.

How time is costing when we expect it! Especially when it winds. It seems that the wind handles the time.

Past and future are now in the present.

The passage of time is measured by feelings: the good ones fly, the bad look like an eternity last.

relentless and devouring everything, time saves nothing and no one.

Enjoy the time given to you, because life is a breath and when we least expect it we are already in its end.

How different is the conception of time according to age. For a child, he is just an illusion, the hours to the recess. For the old man, he is sand that drips through his fingers.

Everything in this life passes. The good and bad things are consumed for time and, in the fine, they only become bittersweet memories.

The times change, the wills change, the being changes, the confidence changes; Everyone is composed of change, always taking new qualities.

No matter who, we are all subjected to the passage of time. He devours our hours without pity.

For lovers, time is the distance between being together and being separated.

May the brief be of a long thinking. That the long is a short feel. May everything be light in such a way that time never lights.

How many reflections can be raised on this topic, right? Keep thinking about these beautiful good night quotes!

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