30 messages from Saint Benedict to worship with your heart

July 11 is the São Bento Day. Example of monastic life, he was tempted several times by the devil. In addition, there were many insults that he heard silent. To overcome the tempter, the monk made the sign of the cross and recited a prayer. Therefore, get inspired by São Bento’s quotes and ask for your protection.

Quotes of St. Benedict who inspire humility, faith and wisdom

The master is to speak and teach; to the disciple, silence and listen.

The first degree of humility is obedience without delay.

We must beware against bad desire, because death was placed at the door of pleasure.

By the cross and the sword, St. Benedict, teach me never to fall into the temptation of the enemy.

St. Benedict, raises the cry of the righteous to the kingdom of heaven. It advises our heart and guides our steps. Happy St. Benedict’s Day!

I take with me the São Bento Medal, my protector. My flesh is weak, but my saint is strong. Always leads me through the paths of good!

May the St. Benedict Medal protect all my friends on this glorious day. Happy St. Benedict’s Day!

St. Benedict, it involves the world with its powerful intersection. It removes disease, miseries and sins. Happy St. Benedict’s Day!

confess every day to God in prayer, with tears and moans, the past faults and then amended them.

We renew our vows of always serving with holiness and humility in the heart. Happy St. Benedict’s Day!

My beloved are Benedict, always compassionate and humble, may your light be with me and may your example move away from earthly desires.

We need to prepare our hearts and our bodies for military in the holy obedience of the precepts.

The time passed before the tabernacle is the best employed time of my life.

Happy St. Benedict’s Day! Let’s celebrate and welcome those who need it. May the master always be his example in Christ.

St. Benedict, guide my sinful thoughts so that I can find patience and have discernment so as not to commit injustices.

St. Benedict, my faithful intercessor, pray for me next to the Father. May my heart not fall into temptation.

Wait for the Lord every day that we strive to respond with acts to His Holy Exhortations.

By the grace of St. Benedict, that every bad goes down before the sign of the cross. May your love be our driver.

For patience, we participate in the Passion of Christ.

Behold, by his piety the Lord shows us the way of life.

Happy St. Benedict’s Day! May your sanctified rules be in our hearts so that we can accomplish our mission in the world.

St. Benedict, I consecrate my life in your hands. Take care of me, my family and my friends. Amen!

Listen, son, the precepts of the master, and include the ear of your heart; GOOD WILL AND EFFECTS A GOOD FATHER’S ADVICE.

Beloved St. Benedict, I’m in suffering. I pray your protection so that I can go through distress without afflicting my faith. Amen!

Nothing to anticipate the love of Christ.

Now, then, we finally lift up. Scripture awakens us saying: This is the time to raise us from sleep.

May the St. Benedict Medal protect our hearts from the dragons that try to poison our soul. Happy St. Benedict’s Day!

Go back to peace before sunset, with those with whom it had disagreement.

Pray and work.

Do not want to be regarded as saint before it is, but first it is so that as such they have it more foundation.

that the example of St. Benedict is a rule in our hearts. Also check out the biblical quotes to continue cultivating the faith.

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