30 messages from Grêmio for those who are passionate about the Gaucho tricolor

Only those who cheer for a soccer team understand the emotion of following each game, every victory and every defeat. And with the gremists could not be different. The Tricolor of Rio Grande Sul is proud to those who wear the shirt and do not lose a game. If you are a passionate fan, then check out these quotes from Grêmio!

Grêmio quotes that will make your fan heart beat faster

If you don’t live from Grêmio, you will not live with me.

For many, just a team. For me, my greatest passion. Grêmio, I’m with you until the end.

In my veins, a general blue blood from Grêmio runs. Guild Immortal is the largest in the south, wherever I will always be.

Grêmio: A feeling that makes me love.

Even on foot we will go, for whatever comes and comes. But the truth is that we will be with Grêmio, where the Guild is.

I’m from Grêmio, general from Grêmio. I’m angry, strong I’m warrior. Ah, I’m from Grêmio!

The blood that runs in my veins is blue, blue of my passion for Grêmio.

We are good fans. Without hesitation, we will applaud the Guild, where the Guild is.

Your T -shirt, my second skin. Your hymn, my prayer. Gremista is my last name and Grêmio is my greatest passion.

Life made me a gremista and I made Grêmio Minha Vida!

Grêmio, I give you life. You are the joy of my heart. You know, it’s a feeling and what we want is to be champion.

You can call me crazy, but what I feel for Grêmio is passion!

Grêmio is emotion with each match, it is the joy that vibrates my heart.

Much more than a team, Grêmio is my life.

Grêmio: This uncontrolled love, I will never leave aside.

In life many loves are going and only the Guild is.

Being a gremista is the delusional dream of not being able to be something else in life.

More than half of gauchos carry the joy of being a gremista in their chest. The rest just would like.


We Gremistas We are the team of heroic victories and historical turns.

To wear the Guild shirt, you need to leave the soul on the field, you need to fight, to sweat blood for the team and never fear!

I want to see race, will and pride of the players to wear the sacred cloak of Grêmio.

I’m Guild from a young age and I will be to my death.

We are from Grêmio, the most Copeiro club. We are champions of the whole world. Come on, tricolor, to win tonight we have to play for the three colors.

Grêmio is soul, race, strength, bravery and immortality.

Mom I will cheer for Grêmio. He is my chest team and many Cups we will win, we will win!

and Grêmio is great and he is multi -champion. Libertadores is in hand and the World Cup too.

Grêmio is part of my story, Blood Farrapo, is my immortal passion.

Being a gremista is a beautiful lifestyle. It’s the Guild Way of Life.

I have my sky blue soul. Grêmio is a feeling that is taken in the heart.

In victory or defeat, no real gremista leaves the team. And if you are a football fan, then you will love this fun tickle quotes selection!

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