30 messages from fisherman for those who love a peaceful life

Who is a fishing fan spends the whole week waiting for the rest days to sit on a boat or by a river, and send all the stress away. If you are one of those people who do not dispense with a good fishing day, check out the best fisherman quotes and share your passion with friends.

30 Fisherman quotes for those who have fishing as a hobby

a fisherman rowing, the sea rhyming and someone admiring.

Are you nervous? Go fishing!

Fishing is patience. Not catching is natural. Bilastou and did not hook, it is the fisherman who fishing badly.

Always fish, take the fish perhaps and give up ever.

Life is equal fishing: if the material is prepared for small fish, it will not take large fish.

Telling stories is the greatest gift of a fisherman.

The necessary patience in a fishing is the patience we should have in all areas of life.

It is better worth a bad fishing day, than a great day of work.

love we expect, as the fisherman expects his fish or the devotee waits for his miracle: in silence, without losing patience with the delay.

It is in the calm of the waters that is the true peace of a fishing day.

All men are born equal, but only the best become fishermen.

There are always new places to fish. For any fisherman, there is always a new place, there is always a new horizon.

There is no stress that a good day of fishing does not heal.

Fishing is much more than taking fish. It is a occasion when we can return to the beautiful simplicity of our ancestors.

Give a fish to a man and he will eat. Teach him to fish and he will be sitting all day on the boat drinking beer.

we must be fishermen of men and not aquarium guardians.

I am a dream fisherman, no matter how the tide is.

It’s no use crying the spilled reel.

Fish, even in the fisherman’s net, still carries the smell of the sea.

Fishing is like love, when you least expect it to be lived.

Let us never cease to be dream fishermen.

Much more than a sport or a hobby: fishing is a lifestyle.

Our dreams are like fish, we have to know how to fish them.

If the world is over, which ends in a ravine. So, I can fish a little more.

Talking too much is never good. Even a fish gets rid of problems with a closed mouth.

contemplate the waters, have patience in waiting, knowing the exact time to pull the hook: this is my true meditation.

sir, we have a good week and pass very fast, because weekend has fishing!

Yesterday I fisted 99 fish. I just don’t say it was 100, because they will call me a liar.

Fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but that does not prevent them from throwing themselves into the sea.

fishing is not just taking fish, it also provides moments that make us forget about problems.

One of the great virtues of fishing is calm, right? To have more tranquility right now, be sure to check out these patience quotes that will make you relax!

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