30 messages from 6 years of marriage for you to celebrate with passion

A story of love, errors, overcoming and a lot of emotion. It’s time to celebrate the wedding anniversary with a passionate selection of 6 -year -old quotes. Check out the special quotes and select the one you most identify with to send to the loved one or even to that couple you admire.

6 years of marriage who will thrill you

On this incredible date of our lives, that we can receive much love and happiness. Happy 6 years of marriage!

Today is our sixth wedding anniversary! A very important day in our life. May we have many more years of happiness, prosperity and let my destiny be by your side forever, living a long and happy life!

The Holy Bible says, “My beloved is mine, and I am his!” Happy 6 years of marriage, my passion!

6 years of love and confidence with you! I love you my love. Thank you so much for these amazing years by your side. May much more come.

already said Nando Reis: “Strange it would be if I didn’t fall in love with you.” Happy 6 years of marriage, my princess!

6 years ago, you both met and signed a partnership for life. May this partnership be long and that you can share much more love with us. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Love, I love you more than anything! Happy 6 years of marriage, that we have many years more stuffed with health, confidence and passion.

The truth is that we have more than 6 years of history, because our passion dates back long ago. It was on that first look. I love you and I want to spend my life with you. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

If the sun shines or the rain falls, I still love you so much. Happy Birthday my baby! Six years, and still telling. You made me your wife with all your unconditional love and understanding.

If our love were a story, it would have many more pages than I can tell! 6 years of great joy and companionship. I love you!

Say in upper case “I love you!” It’s not enough to show how much I really love you. You started conquering my heart and gave me a much happier soul. You made my full life! I will never stop loving you more and more every day. May our love continue for another six years!

six years ago we got married and here we are, still together and very well married. I look back and see all the trials we have passed, but I also see your heart and our love growing even more.

All I want is to get home and see you, stay with you, spread our love for the world and celebrate another 6 years of marriage. I love you!

You said you had never been lucky in love before me, but I had never found my soul mate as I found in you either. The best decision of my life was to marry you six years ago!

For six years, you made me the happiest man in the world. I love you more than words could express, you are my soul mate. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Happy 6th birthday of marriage, love. I love you and would go through everything again by your side!

I fell in love with who you are and I will always be by your side, in good and bad times. Together we live 6 years of pure happiness and love. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Congratulations to us for the 6th wedding anniversary. This is a moment of celebration, happiness and a lot of joy! Having you by my side for all this time is a gift.

I would never exchange the amazing 6 years we had. I love you and I will always love. Happy 6 years of marriage to both of us!

It’s like that Clarice Falc√£o song: “If it doesn’t work, we try again, again and again. And if we don’t work out we get along wrong.” Happy 6 years of marriage, my love!

6 years of marriage! It’s your wedding anniversary day, a very important and special day of your life. May happiness and prosperity be your destiny forever!

and it was on our 6th birthday together that I discovered a paradox: if you love it even hurts, there is no more like, there is only more love.

Six years ago we chose for a life together. May we continue to cultivate a lot of love and sharing it with the world. Happy Birthday, my love!

We had our quota of discussions, disagreements and conflicts, but we surpassed it all and we left even stronger as a couple. Happy 6th birthday of marriage, dear!

A flower cannot flourish without the sunlight, and man cannot live without love. Happy 6 years of marriage, my dear wife!

We are together for much longer than that, but here is a toast for our 6th wedding anniversary, my love. I am so blessed to have married you.

No matter all the problems we went through, with you by my side, I would spend all this 6 years again and face everyone with a smile on your face. I love you.

6 years are just a blink of an eye when I know I want to spend even more years with you. Happy wedding anniversary, love.

The years can come and go, and we can get old and be very old. Anyway, I know I’ll be safe with you, now and always. Happy 6 years of marriage, my life!

Happy 6th birthday for you both. May they have a beautiful and happy day. Your marriage is an example that shines for all of us!

Ready! Now just separate the wine, the special card and celebrate this special date from those you love. To make it even more passionate and nostalgic tonight, how about seeing the selection of reflection quotes on marriage that are full of teaching and affection?

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